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A Look Back 2014

April 22, 2014
Yoncalla High School


A Look Back

As Graduation nears for the


Class of 2014, here is a look back at former Eagle graduates from YHS. Remember, all YHS information is gleaned from old Eagle yearbooks. The earliest edition of The Eagle housed in the archives of YHS dates back to 1943. There are some missing editions but Ron Peterson (the current advisor for The Eagle), is attempting to complete the set by finding copies of missing editions and then scanning them to a CD disk. In fact, he is scanning all editions of The Eagle.

Here we go again...so, as we look back...do you remember when...


The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series and Army was the NCAA football champion. "Only you can prevent forest fires" was a slogan created by the U. S. Forest Service. Famous actors included: Rita Hayworth, Lauren Bacall, Lana Turner and Betty Grable. The major World War II battles of "The Battle of the Bulge" and "D-Day" were fought in this year. Going My Way won the Oscar for the Best Film. At Yoncalla High School, this edition of The Eagle was dedicated to Minar Applegate for 25 years of "...continuous and untiring service..." on the Yoncalla Union High School Board. It was noted in the Senior Class History that six of the boys in this class enlisted in the U. S. Military Service prior to graduation. Betty's Millionaire was a play produced by the junior and senior classes. The boys basketball team was coached by 1943 YHS graduate Wayne Rice. Doris Kingery was the class Salutatorian and Ruth Patrick was Valedictorian. The other graduating seniors were Zara Potter, Donald Atkinson, Bettygene Kunz, Eldon Morin, Patricia Jackson, Joyce Billings, Albert Smith, Betty Jo Fullbright, Donald Minegat and Betty Ann Gibson.


John Foster Dulles was named Time Magazine's Man of the Year. Popular actors included Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Doris Day. For those with a tobacco habit..."Winston tastes good like a cigarette should." The New York Giants won the World Series while the Cleveland Browns were the NFL Champs. Roger Bannister was the first human to run a mile in less than four minutes (3:59) on May 6th. Bannister later became a neurologist. Matchbox Cars first made their appearance and On the Waterfront won Best Picture. I Love Lucy was the number one rated TV show and Mr. Sandman was one of the number one songs of 1954. Back at YHS, the yearbook staff dedicated the 1954 edition of The Eagle to the 1953 Eagle track team - 1953 Oregon State Champions. Dan Russell was serving as Board Chairman and Bill Caldwell was Class President and Bob Campbell was Vice-President. The football team posted a 3-4 record while basketball finished15-7 and placed second in the County Tournament. Barbara Raper was Queen of the Prom. The 1954 graduates included: Melvin Atkinson, Barbara Raper, James Weber, William Caldwell, Virginia Boan, Robert Campbell, Selma Edwards, Bill Sherman, Molly Kingery, George, Nancy Thompson, Darrell Swezey.



Audrey Hepburn and Annette Funicello were two of the most popular actors and Lyndon B. Johnson was named Time Magazine's Man of the Year. Pop star Sam Cooke was murdered (alcohol related) and the Ford Mustang was introduced. UCLA was stringing together an amazing run of basketball titles. The Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan Show while You've Lost That Lovin Feeling by the Righteous Brothers was the most popular song. My Fair Lady won Best Picture and Bonanza was the most popular TV show. Don Dick was principal of Yoncalla High School and the School Board consisted of Harold Boucock, Lloyd Means, Quintin Rychard, Don Kingery, and Bob Lhamon. Don Langdon was Student Council President while Co-Captains Don Wiley and Dick Wales were leading the Eagles to the

state quarterfinal game against Jefferson. Although the basketball team finished 4-14, the Eagle baseball team won the District Championship for the eighth consecutive year, losing to Crow in the state quarterfinal game. The YHS track team was led by Dick Wales, finishing 3rd in the state in the javelin, and Roger Carney won the state championship in the High Hurdles.


Curtain Going Up was the Senior Class Play. Barbara Stapleman was crowned Homecoming Queen while Sandee Frazier was named Queen of the Jr-Sr Prom. Mary Adams was Class Salutatorian while Vonza Thompson was the Class Valedictorian. Members of the graduating class included: Mary Abbott, Mary Adams, Richard Boettcher, Gary Bowman, Terry Bowman, James Byron, Roger Carney, Tomy Coggswell, Barbara Dodd, Nancy Dodd, Jimmy Edin, Sandra Frazier, Eldon Green, Eloise Green, Larry Hoagland, Jean Hoggarth, Collis Huntington III, Rod Jackson, Leroy Jazek, Shirley Knopp, Richard Langdon, Don Langdon, Donna Langdon, Michael Latham, Richard Luttrell Jr., Gary Lutz, Robert Mill, Hazel Nuckels, Roy Pond, Janice Sehlin, Harold Simms, Gordon Smith, Vonza Thompson, Dick Wales, Melvin Wilder, and Don Wiley.


As President Nixon resigned from office, he quotes: "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore." Patty Hearst was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army and later joined the group in a bank heist. The Oakland Athletics won the World Series while the Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl. The national speed limit was lowered to 55 mph. Popular singers of the day included Jim Croce, John Denver and Roberta Flack. The Godfather - Part II won Best Picture while All in the Family was the most popular TV show. The Yoncalla School Board was comprised of Paul Allen, Bob Lahmon, Oliver Martin, Dick Gordon and Max Dodd. The Eagle football team finished the season at 3-6 while the volleyballers tied with North Douglas for 1st place. Girls track saw three new school records: Leslie Walker in the javelin, Kim Dunfee in the mile and Jenny Rice in the 440. On the boys side of track, John Duncan was the District 5 champion in the long jump and 100 yard dash and also placed 6th at the state meet in the long jump. Philip Canfield was Student Body President. Cindy Eastwood was the Yell Queen while Joanne Clark served as the Queen of the Prom. Class President Dawn Campbell led a Senior Skip Day at Winchester Bay. Joanne Clark was also class Salutatorian while Sharron Knotts whas class Valedictorian. Graduating members of the YHS Class of 1974 included: Ron Anderson, Steve Bragg, Carl Brownson, Dawn Campbell, Philip Canfield, Joanne Clark, Ken Dodd, Donna Duncan, Rod Dupper, Greg Eastwood, Gary Hopkins, Randy Jackson, Sharron Knotts, Nina Korbu, Lynette Lane, Valarie Lane, Dorothy Langdon, Patty Leroue, Claudia Mathis, Kathie Mattin, Scott McDaniel, Dennis McHaffie, Glen Morin, Gary Sparks, Chris Stromberg, John Toy, Annette Trump, Charlie Van Loon, Cindy Wachtel, Alan Walker, and Vivian Sterenberg.


Popular singers included Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Kenny Loggins and Prince. The Los Angeles Raiders win Super Bowl XVIII and Georgetown wins the NCAA basketball championship. Singer Marvin Gaye was shot and killed by his father on April 1st. Amadeus wins Best Picture while Dynasty was the top TV show. Back in Yoncalla, high school athletics storm to the top with the Eagles holding the number 1 ranking in football for three weeks but fall to Colton in the state quarterfinal game. First team all-league players include Joel Frasieur, David Russell, Lee Shaw, Chris Mesa, and Kent Rice. The Volleyball team finished 1st in league tournament play but Chiloquin ended the Eagles' season in the state semi-final game. Boys basketball finish as league Co-Champions with Pacific while the girls team earned a 13-7 record on the hardwood. The track team sent five of their members (Jeff Johnston, Shawn McClanahan, Gary Bowen, David Wilder and Mary Ellen Lancaster) to the State Meet. While softball was making a return to YHS, the baseball team finished 26-2 and wins the Oregon State Championship. This team had a .378 batting average and clubbed 31 homers. There were other happenings at YHS besides athletics the Drama Class performed plays: Done to Death and the musical Alice. The Junior-Senior Prom was held at the Valley River Inn in Eugene with Jodie Sprinkle as Queen.

Kathleen Brennan was class Salutatorian and Sandy Price was class Valedictorian. Other graduates included: Jody Basham, Ian Beardsley, Robert Brawn, Sharon Caughell, Rhonda Crewse, Charlene Dowdy, Shauna Eberle, Dennis Ellis, Kevin Evarts, Larry Fields, Rhonda Frantz, Mike George, Christie Gossett, Brent Highley, Jeff Johnston, MIchelle Kopp, Harold McDonald, Frank Mesa, Joanie Morgan, Tom Morin, Ted Myers, Willie Neil, Dan Page, Rob Richins, Jodie Sprinkle, Oran Tompkins, Annette Waggoner, Jesse Weaver, Thomas Wlker, Nile Wheeler, Tina Wilkerson, Wes Wilson, Regina Woodall, and Pam Zathan.


With Major League Baseball Players on strike, there was no World Series winner. Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan made headlines at the Winter Olympics (ice skating competition gone wild!). The entire nation watched a white Ford Bronco carrying O. J. Simpson on a freeway with many police cars close behind. Forrest Gump was Best Picture with Seinfeld the number one TV show. The year 1994 was another strong one for Yoncalla H. S. athletics as the Eagle football finished their year at 10-1, losing to Regis in the state quarterfinal game. In boys basketball, the Eagles opened the state tournament with a win over Enterprise, but lost to Corbett in the state semi-finals, while the baseball team finished 25-3 losing their state semi-final game too. Pitcher Jeromy Palki was later drafted by Seattle Mariners. Lisa Rawson, Brian Mathis and Jim Fretheim all qualified for the state track meet. Sarah Finley was named Homecoming Queen and Tracy Altherr held the Prom crown. This year's graduates included Tracy Altherr, Trevor Beard, Alan Beer, Justin Boyer, Carrie Bragg, Eric Cox, Bo Ellis, Kris Finley, Jim Fretheim, Amber Haley, Troy Johnson, Travis Jolley, Jason Jones, Corina Lakes, JJ Mast, Brian Mathis, Jeremy McDaniel, Clinton Morton, Richard Noffsinger, Jill Page, Jeromy Palki, Bronc Parrish, David Pettit, Mike Pooler, Coby Rowland, Sabrina Simkins, Kyle St. Clair, Earnie Strong, Nicole Wilder, and Dalibor Kurek.


The Boston Red Sox finally break the "Curse of the Bambino" by winning the World Series. USC wins the national championship in football and George W. Bush is Time's Man of the Year. Popular entertainers include George Clooney, Britney Spears, Teri Hatcher, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Johnny Depp. Ken Jennings won 74 games and $2.5 million on Jeopardy. Million Dollar Baby is Best Picture, and American Idol is TV's number one show. The Yoncalla football team had a tough season at 0-9, while Volleyball finished in fourth place. The boys had a much better basketball season at 15-7 and a third place league finish. Chad Ashbaugh and Andrea Cole both qualify for the state meet in wrestling. While baseball went 6-22, the softball girls went 17-6 and lost in the first round of the state playoffs. Prom Queen was Alysen Nishiguchi. The 2004 graduates were: Chad Ashbaugh, Dena Baker, Gary Bash, Pat Beer, Caroline Bolduc, Jesse Boarders, David Chamberlain, Justin Collier, Cody Collins, Logan Conley, Andrea Dickey, Heather Finney, Tammi Hedrick, Brittany McHaffie, Jason Meade, Travis Napier, Alysen Nishiguchi, Trisha Norenberg, Ryan Robbins, Ashley Shaw, Chase Wiley, Brandy Walker, Loke White, Mindy Thompson, Christy Wingo and Bren Wuergler.

Yoncalla Alumni Association

Board of Directors

Terry Duncan (69) - President

Carl Van Loon (75) - Vice President

Betty (Tucker) Duncan (75) - Secretary

Stella (Rychard) Myers (79) - Treasurer

Nancy (Cox) Benzel (69) - Board Member

Jodie (Sprinkle) Anderson (84) - Board Member

Gar Rodgers (YHS Faculty Representative) - Board Member

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