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Congratulations at Regions!
The WCHS Academic Team for finishing 2nd overall in the 11th Region Govs Cup competition. 

The quick recall team (Austin Foster, Kaylee Hicks, Jacob Kroger, Emily Lancaster, Hanna Leatherman, Allison Murner, Logan Pauley and team captain, Jared Rogers) will advance to the state tournament for only the 2nd time in school history.  Advancing to the state finals in individual subjects are Elizabeth Jacobs (1st place in composition), Hanna Leatherman (5th place in language arts) and Jared Rogers (5th place in social studies).  The Future Problem Solving Team (Tanner Congleton, Austin Foster, Emily Lancaster, Sean McKee and captain Allison Murner) finished 3rd.  And finally, the WCHS Academic team won the Hume Sportsmanship Trophy-an award selected by a vote of all the participating teams in the region.


Congratulations at Districts!
 The WCHS Academic Team for their 1st place finish in the 41st District Govs Cup competition.  The "Brain-Jackets" swept the team categories with 1st place finishes in both quick recall (Jacob Kroger, Hanna Leatherman, Logan Pauley & Jared Rogers) and future problem solving (Tanner Congleton, Emily Lancaster, Sean McKee & Allison Murner).   Points were earned by the following in individual competition:

1st place: Elizabeth Jacobs (composition), Hanna Leatherman (Arts & Humanities), Hannah Shultz (Language Arts)

2nd place:  Kaylee Hicks (Arts & Humanities), Elizabeth Jacobs (Language Arts), Logan Pauley (Math)

3rd place:  Hanna Leatherman (Language Arts), Jared Rogers (Science & Social Studies)

4th place:  Kaylee Hicks (composition), Paige Martin (Math)

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