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WIAA - No USATF Indoor Track Championship

February 23, 2012
Wisconsin Track Coaches Association

Good morning all!

    I've received some inquiries, primarily from parents, regarding the USATF Indoor Track National Championships scheduled for March 10 & 11 in Bloomington/Normal, IL.  With the WIAA track season beginning on Monday, March 5, there will not be enough practice days for school teams to send athletes to this meet.  As you most likely know, athletes may not compete in this meet "unattached" or with their club teams if their school team has already started practice.
    There are two options that are available:
    1.  Delay starting practice for the entire team until March 12.
    2.  If an athlete is a freshman they could delay reporting to practice until the 12th (see the green highlighted statement below).
    Note:  This meet does not qualify for an “exceptional athlete” waiver.
    I've included the exact language from the WIAA Senior High Handbook.  One of the parents indicated that their son's coach suggested competing in this meet.  We may have some coaches unaware of this rule.

Thanks for you help!
Marcy Thurwachter

 Article VI – Nonschool Participation
Section 1 – In-Season
A. It is the philosophy of this Association that a student owes loyalty and allegiance to the school and team of which he/she is
a member during the season of a given sport. A student becomes ineligible in a sport for the remainder of the season for
competing in nonschool game, meet, or contest in the same sport during the season of practice and competition established
by the school. The penalty may be reduced upon request of a school on the basis of documented extenuating circumstances.
1) Nonschool games, meets, or contests shall be interpreted to include (a) all games, meets, or contests outside the control
of the school and (b) any games, meets, or contests within a school (other than official interscholastic athletic program)
involving another school or a nonschool organization.
A student who was a member of a school team in a given sport during the previous year may not delay reporting for
the school team beyond the school's official opening day of practice in order to continue nonschool training or
except in the fall-sponsored sports of tennis, golf, and swimming, provided the delay does not extend
beyond the first interscholastic meet.
3) A student who is cut from the squad, during the regular season (not including WIAA tournaments) for reasons of skill,
is exempt from this rule if there is an opportunity to rejoin the team later in the same regular season. A student
suspended from the team, for the remainder of the season for reasons of discipline or academic problems, is exempt
from this rule. A student suspended from the team for a portion of the season is not exempt from this rule.
4) This rule (prohibiting students from competing in nonschool programs during the school season in the same sport) may
be waived on behalf of an exceptional athlete provided:
a. The competition has international ramifications, i.e., there are countries outside the United States (50 states)
involved, and
b. The school requests an exemption on the basis that such participation will not impair the student's loyalty and
allegiance to school and team, and
c. The athlete:
(1) Achieved one of the first five places (in an individual sport) in the previous WIAA state meet, or
(2) Was prevented by illness, injury, or unusual circumstances from achieving one of the first five places in
the previous WIAA state meet and it is documented that he/she might have made such an achievement,
(3) Defeated in subsequent competition (or surpassed the accomplishment of) a person who achieved one of
the first five places in the previous WIAA state meet,* or
(4) Qualified for Special Olympics, or for international competition in a National Federation recognized
and/or sanctioned event such as the Olympics, Pan-American Games, Davis Cup, Walker Cup, e.g.,
including dual and invitational meets with countries outside the United States (50 states).
Note 1:* Subsequent performance times, scores, e.g., must be at or near State Tournament performance.
Note 2: No waiver shall be provided for nonschool competition which occurs during the respective WIAA
tournament series in a sport.

This e-mail and any attachments is strictly confidential to the Wisconsin
Interscholastic Athletic Association and is intended only for the addressee.
It may contain information that may be confidential, legal, privileged, or
otherwise exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the
intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately by return email,
delete this message and destroy any copies. Any dissemination or use of this
message or its attachments without permission of the sender is unauthorized
and is strictly prohibited.

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