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September 22, 2011
By Ronald Crawford of Wings Elite Basketball Club

For the past 3 years the Wings Basketball Club has recommitted itself to the values that made us so dominant from 1987-1995, 5 AAU National Championships and 17 Final Four's, Skill Development and fundamental practice were the things that got us there and now we have seen the same results, with a 4th, National Championship, and 10th this year with only one loss, we can see that teaching the right way is the only way.

Our Players have developed at a much faster pace, look at Mickelson, Madden, and Ross, and 19 other scholarships, then Goodwin, Hannahs, Billings, (Archie and Dusty also worked their tails off on their own), the class of 2013 already has 3 top 100 players with Bobby Portis leading the way at #30 and holding a Razorback Scholarship in his hand, not only are we committed to Basketball Skills, we are working on SPARQ training, led by Marcus Mc Carroll and the staff at D1 Sports.

I attended the Northwest Arkanas Basketball School hosted by Coach Adam Simmons at Springdale Har Ber and The Greyhound Coaching Clinic hosted by Coach Leighton Mc Crary who came out of AAU retirement this year and made my June and July a great joy, we both feel even after a combined 75 years of Coaching at every level, we knew about 50% of what we learned from Dee Brown, who has now taken an NBA Assistant Coaches position and will be the Director of Player Development, we had a blast.

If you want to get better check this clinic out, Nike SPARQ trainer Alan Stein will speak and I have scheduled Alan for the 247Preps Spring Coaching Clinic in Little Rock, take your Family to Branson and give them a break while you get better.






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