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Willmar Cardinal Wrestling 



“Whether one wrestles to earn a team berth or become a world champion, he enlists in a proud community of athletes known for their courage and dedication. In the most demanding of all athletics, the wrestler is commanded to condition his body to the very limit of his endurance, habitually denies himself of normal pleasures, and proves himself time and time again in grueling competition, frequently under pressure. A nobility becomes the sport. There is no mat space for malcontents or dissipaters. One must neither celebrate insanely when he wins nor sulk when he loses. He accepts victory professionally and humbly. He hates defeat, but makes no poor display of it. More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill; none have wrestled without pride.”      ~Unknown Author



Character Development:The Willmar Wrestling Program will, above all, strive to develop wrestlers into quality young men, prepared for future success in life. We will instill and develop quality characteristics in our wrestlers such as: Work Ethic, Respect, Responsibility, Sportsmanship, Discipline, Self-Control, Perseverance, Honesty, Integrity, Team Work, Determination, Confidence, Humility, and Composure.


Program Philosophy:Each Willmar Wrestler will strive to become the best wrestler that he can become. We do not expect each wrestler to be a section or state champion. What we do expect – and demand – is that each wrestler strives to be the best he can be with the tools he has at hand. While the individual component of wrestling is one of the great and unique aspects of the sport, the Team must – and will – come first. Each Willmar Wrestler must be willing to sacrifice and do what is in the best interest of the Team. Only then will the Willmar Wrestling Program reach true success.


Wrestling Specific Philosophy:Willmar Wrestlers will develop a style that is exciting to do and watch where the ultimate objective is to pin. We will place a high premium on position and forcing action in every phase - always striving for aggressive and intelligent wrestling. Willmar Wrestlers will train to be great in the neutral position, yet also be complete wrestlers – with weapons from all three positions and being a threat to score from anywhere. Wrestlers will train to develop and demonstrate the highest degree of Mental and Physical Toughness.