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Charger Spring Award Winners Announced

June 5, 2012
By Tom Schermerhorn of West Noble High School

The Spring Sports Award program was held on May 31st to recognize those who have participated in spring sports at West Noble.  The MVP and Sportsmanship award winners were announced in front of the entire blue seat crowd.  Also receiving special recognition were the senior scholar athletes that have been able to maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average throughout high school.  Those students who have participated in 3 sports were also recognized along with the All NECC athletes.  The closing involved a music video showing some of the action throughout the spring sports.  Congratulations to all!

Boys Track                                                     Girls Track

 Most Valuable Trophy-Kevin Handshoe     Most Valuable Trophy- Amairany Cruz

Sportsmanship Plaque-Diego Murillo        Sportsmanship Plaque-YessicaSegovia

Field Events- Thrower-Quinn Groff  Field Events Thrower- Hannah Bright

Field Events- Jumper- Jaden Kreft             Field Events Jumper- Haley Richardson

Sprints Trophy-Erik Mawhorter                    Sprints Trophy-Valeria Guzman

 Distance Trophy-Kevin Handshoe             Distance Trophy- Anissa Richards

Hurdles Trophy-Collin Mora                         Most Improved Trophy- Dawn Sheeley

Coaches Award Trophy-JJ Weimer           Mental Attitude Plaque- Yessica Segovia

 Baseball                                                         Softball

 Most Valuable Trophy-KoreyKendall         Most Valuable Trophy- Kelsie Peterson

Sportsmanship Plaque-Levi Nelson           Sportsmanship Plaque- Chelsea Risser

Defense Trophy-KoreyKendall                   Defense Trophy-Kelsey Kiser

Offense Trophy- Korey Kendall                   Offense Trophy – Molly Marsh

Pitching Trophy-SkylarCampbell                Most Improved Trophy  Kaleigh DeBeck

Coaches Award Trophy-Kevin Marsh         Mental Attitude Trophy- Courtney Moore

JV Offense Trophy-   Pancho Luevano       JV Offense Trophy-   Haley Teel                     

JV Defense Trophy-  Waylon Richardson   JV Defense Trophy-  Alexis Morris

JV Coaches Award- Kyler Warble              JV Mental Attitude Plaque – Sammi Patillo

JV coaches Award- Brandon Moser

 Boys Golf                                                       Girls Tennis

 Most Valuable Player-Austin King              Most Valuable Trophy – Brooke Moser

Sportsmanship Plaque-Jordan Younce      Sportsmanship Plaque- Brett Coverstone

Most Improved Trophy –Alex Gillespie       Most Improved Trophy- Rachel Schermerhorn

Coaches Award Trophy –Seth Bontrager  Coaches Award Trophy – Trin Patton

J.V. Coaches Award- Tim Dice                  Mental Attitude Plaque- Rachel Strouse

                                                           JV Coaches Award Trophy-  Anna Buttgen

                                                           JV Most Improved Trophy- Josie Gibbons

                                                           JV Mental Attitude Plaque- Jenny Perea

WestNobleHigh School

Class of 2012

Senior Athletic Award

3.0 GPA or above


Kyle Badskey

Derek Biggerstaff

Seth Bontrager

Skylar Campbell

Esteban Campos

Kaleigh DeBeck

Tavo Mora

Alex Gillespie

AJ Grim

Kelli Grimm

Kevin Handshoe

Kris Handshoe

Kamry Hunter

Joey Jacobs

Ashley Kelley

Korey Kendall

Austin King

Damon Lortie

Collin Mora

Brooke Moser

Diego Murillo

Will Nelson

JoAnna Ness

Yasbeth Ortega

Anissa Richards

Pedro Ruvalcaba

Caitlin Schlemmer

Isaac Sheeley

Konnor Speicher

Stephanie Swank

Jordan Younce

Renee Zeigler


Senior 3 Sport Award


Brooke Moser

Golf- 4 years

Football Mgr.- 2 years

Gymnastics- 2 years

Basketball Mgr.- 1 year

Tennis- 4 years


Kevin Marsh

Tennis- 3 years

Wrestling- 4 years

Baseball- 1 year


Debra Hamilko

Soccer- 1 year

Cheerleading- 1 year

Tennis- 1 year


Zach Rupright

Football- 4 years

Wrestling- 4 years

Baseball- 2 years


Stephanie Swank

Football Mgr- 1 year

Volleyball- 3 years

Basketball- 4 years

Softball- 4 years


Jordan Younce

Tennis- 2 years

Basketball- 2 years

Golf- 4 years


Renee Zeigler

Volleyball- 4 years

Basketball – 4 years

Softball- 4 years

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