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June 17, 2012
By Dan murphy of Westmoreland BMX

On June 16th 2012 Westmoreland bmx hosted an all day event for bmx racers from the Pittsburgh area. The day started with some great local races that included Strider races that had all the race fans cheering. Our Strider races are held on the 3rd straight, using the last table top on the straightaway and racing to the second turn for the finish line. Westmoreland BMX runs the motos before the regular motos and the Strider main at the start of the mains. There were plenty of racers and their families out for a beautiful June day. After the racing concluded, former national champions Chris Bryan and Tom Truxell along with 17-18x Lee Gaskin held a free clinic for our local young racers. The racers and their families really appreciate three of the top racers in the country taking their time to insure that Westmoreland BMX has a very talented group of young racers for the future. The Pittsburgh area tracks (South Park BMX and Westmoreland BMX) have turned out several national champions and top level racers, and the effort that the developed experts have put into teaching the young racers is the main reason why. Thanks to Chris, Tom and Lee we have a bright future at Westmoreland BMX.

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