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Phase 1 Hoops Spring 2014 Freshman/Sophomore Camp

April 5, 2014
By Leroy White of West Coast Hoops

Justin Harris - 6'8 (C/Clark HS) - Harris is big, strong, and wide. He's pretty efficient around the rim, finishing his opportunities at a very high clip inside the paint. There just wasn't a match for him over the weekend as he was too much for the rest of the field.

Tyler Bey - 6'7 (PF/Las Vegas HS) - Bey is a hard playing athletic ball of energy when he is on the court. He's able to chase down rebounds and get put backs and tip dunks with the best of em. It's easy to see why he possesses offers from Northern Arizona & Southern Utah as a soph.

Jake Hutchings - 6'6 (SF/Centennial HS) - Hutchings looked to be slowed by either injury or soreness as he wasn't able to get the lift that he had at the Fall Camp back in October, rating as one of our best performers. Still he played hard and competed, as he was guarding the post against bigger players all weekend as his team's tallest player. Good effort.

Jake DesJardins - 6'6 (SF/Coronado HS) - DesJardins rained threes from deep all weekend long. But in the Top 20 Showcase Game, he mixed it up a bit by sneaking in for some layups for most of his scoring. Nonetheless, he does a lot of his damage from the outside right now. Added strength and he will be a handful.

Michael Diggins - 6'5 (F/Durango HS) - Diggins is a long and wiry athlete that is quick off of his feet and able to block shots with pretty good timing on his side. What makes him even more valuable is that he's a decent shooter out to the 3 point line. It's rare to find a shot blocking/3 point shooting combination, but that's what Diggins brings to the table.

Kahlil Valentine - 6'4 (F/Basic HS) - Valentine and Diggins could have a "who's the longest" contest and it would probably end up a draw. He's long and has a decent amount of athleticism that suggest that his better basketball days are ahead of him. The problem is, he looks as though he's just learning the game = other players have a sizable head start over him. But he has the frame & length to walk them down. Great upside.

Crishawn Thomas - 6'3 (W/Mojave HS) - Thomas is a scorer and a slasher from the perimeter. He also possesses a pretty deadly pull-up jumper when he's feeling it and also has the length to guard every perimeter spot on the defensive end of the floor. He makes a good sophomore combo with Daryl Adams for the Mojave HS Rattlers.

Darius Jackson - 6'3 (SG/Clark HS) - Jackson would easily have to be the strongest guard in the sophomore class in the state. He was one of the first few player off a state championship team at Clark HS, but will see a definite role increase in the next year. He's a big-time slasher and steady shooter as well. When he makes up his mind he's going to the hole, forget about it. Easily one of the top players locally in the sophomore class.

Devean Klepek - 6'3 (SG/Western HS) - Klepek was the surprise of the event, not for us as we've been seeing him play since middle school. But the rest of the valley rarely gets to see him play as Western HS is not on the docket for most in the valley when it's time to check out a game. But Klepek's athleticism was on display all weekend long.

Edward Vaughns - 6'1 (SG/Legacy HS) - Vaughns was a pleasant surprise over the weekend. He's strong, physically developed, and a decent athlete from the wing spot. He was able to slash to the basket with the best of them.

Zaahid Muhammad - 6'1 (CG/Canyon Springs HS) - Muhammad is a fearless ball handler and open court player that excels in transition. He has an array of moves, including his patented spin move, which allows him to get to the cup with his quick first step.

Darryl Adams - 6'0 (PG/Mojave HS) - Adams has established himself as one of the top PGs in the city regardless of class. And the tops in the 2016 class as a two year varsity starter and first team all Division IA Southern Region selection, the only underclassman to be included. Unfortunately he was nursing a hamstring injury and was hit and miss most of the camp. He was still effective the little that he played.

Keshawn Webb - 5'10 (PG/Clark HS) - Webb is the heir apparent to Colby Jackson as the Clark Chargers PG in the near future. He isn't the best athlete as of now, but makes up for it with solid ball handling, passing, and knowledge of the game.

Leslie Long - 5'8 (PG/Clark HS) - Long is as fast and athletic as you can get in a young PG. But every time that I see him play it reinforces what I've been saying about him for a while…that he is a much underrated shooter, and the three ball happens to be one of his greatest assets.

Tanner Lewis - 5'8 (G/Clark HS) - Lewis easily has the most range on his shot over any player in Vegas for the 2016 class. He's able to make a 25-28 ft. shot look like a lay-up at times. Although small in stature, Lewis can spread the floor with the best of em.

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