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13th Annual Fullcourt Press All-Frosh/Soph Camp

October 14, 2012
By Leroy White of West Coast Hoops


The 13th Annual Fullcourt Press All-Frosh/Soph Camp featured many of the Western  region’s top ninth and 10th-graders, as Camp Co-Directors Dinos Trigonis and Etop UdoEma put together another strong field of young talent that put their talents on display over two days of action at the "Player's Edge" in Corona, CA.

Many of the 150-plus players who participated came into the event already on the recruiting radar of the nation's college coaches and hoops scouts that cover the high school circuit. They included the likes of Las Vegas Bishop Gorman big men Stephen Zimmerman and Chase Jeter; point guards Sedrick Barfield (Corona, CA, Centennial), Kendall Small (Huntington Beach, CA, Ocean View) and Kahlil Simplis (N. Hollywood, CA, Campbell Hall); forward Cameron Walker (Santa Maria, CA, Righetti) and center Chimezie Metu (Lawndale, CA, Lawndale) to name a few. None of them disappointed as they rated among the top performers in the camp

But so were some other sophomores and freshmen, that didn’t have quite the same level profiles coming into the event, changed that with some stellar play at the "The Player's Edge" in Corona, CA.  Sophomore talents like point guards Jesse Wade (Kaysville, UT, Davis) and Ke’Jhan Feagin (Long Beach, CA, Poly) and powerful swingman Ty’Rek Wells (Las Vegas, NV, Clark) will see their stock rise after their play at the Fullcourt Press All-West Frosh/Soph Camp.

In addition freshmen talents like Daron Henson (Mission Hills, CA, Alemany); Leland Green (Redondo Beach, CA, Redondo); T.J. Leaf (San Diego, CA, Mission Hills); Devin Young (Sacramento, CA, Sacramento); and Milan Acquaah (Pasadena, CA, La Salle) have all put their names on the recruiting radar after strong performances at the All-West Frosh/Soph Camp.

So with that in mind here's a look at the top talent that made the Cream of the Crop All-Star Camps at the Fullcourt Press All-West Frosh/Soph Camp:

Top 30 Cream of the Crop All-Star Game Prospects:

Stephen Zimmerman 6-11 So. Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas/NV) - Coming off a tough summer ending injury, Big Zimm showed he is on his way back to 100%. The agile near seven-footer is very skilled with the ball not just inside the paint but also in transition. Zimmerman was a force on both ends of the floor, he blocked shots, grabbed boards and started break, then scored with jump hook on blocks or popped and knocked down face-up jumper. He scored 11 points in Top 30 game as was named Co-MVP of the Camp!

Chase Jeter 6-9 So. (Pictured Above) Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas/NV) - He has been in the shadow of Zimmerman coming into the summer, but with some hard work on his facing game looks like he has emerged as an elite national recruit in his own right!  He has a lot of the skills shown by current senior Aaron Gordon, with his ability to score facing or role to the block and score with his quick feet and explosion around the hoop. he has excellent ball skills for a big and is a solid passer too. He earned camp Co-MVP honors with Gorman teammate Zimmerman.  He scored 16 points in the Top 30 game and is just scratching surface game-wise of what could be a top ten future!

Chimezie Metu 6-8 So. Lawndale (Lawndale/CA) - We agree with Camp Co-Director Dinos Trigonis, that this past weekend was a national “coming out” party for Metu.  He is an exceptional shot blocker, especially from off the ball where he uses his length and explosion to get to the ball. He uses his length and quick feet to score over opponents on the blocks and showed he can pass it from the blocks too. He is working on his face-up game, but showed a nice mid-range jumper and ability to take bigs to hoop.  Definitely has shown he rates among West's best in the Class of 2015.

Nnamdi Okongwu 6-8 So. Chino Hills (Chino/CA) - This athletic big man, can face and pop 15-footer or ro9ll to the blocks and score in post up or grab board and slam putback. He runs the floor hard and looks to make pass as well as finish with dunk. He scored eight points in Top 30 game including a monster dunk that left crowd buzzing.

Nicholas Pete 6-7 So. Tahquitz (Hemet/CA) - Physical and skilled big man can hit 15-footer, cross and pop jumper in paint, or finish with either hand around the hoop. He has touch on turnaround and a nose for the ball off the glass. He scored eight points in top thirty game and was consistently one of best bigs in game we watched.

John Ross 6-7 So. Saint Anthony (Long Beach/CA) - Active big man is definitely on the rise according to west coast scouts. He showed knack for grabbing ball off the glass and finishing putbacks in traffic. He hit mid-range jumper on pop and face and has skills to take bigs off the dribble to the hoop.

Cameron Walker 6-7 So. Righetti (Santa Maria/CA) - Wing with size and skill showed range to three and ability to take it end to end off the glass. He can attack the hoop off the dribble and showed he can finish in lane versus contact. One who will see lots of mid to high major interest in the future.

T.J. Leaf 6-7 Fr. Foothills Christian (El Cajon/CA) - Skilled combo-forward with an excellent feel for the game and the skills necessary to be an impact player at the next level. He has range to the arc, can handle to create drive and is a stellar passer off the dribble for a big man. He just flat out knows how to play the game and will reach a high level if he continues to work on his athleticism and quicks to extend game to the wing.

Kendall Lauderdale 6-6 So. Lutheran (Orange/CA) - Hardworking left handed power forward is a force on the glass and has an improved touch in the paint. He seems to have a real knack for grabbing the ball off the glass. He can pop 15-footer on elbow or roll to block to score with jump hook around the hoop.

Roman Davis 6-6 So. Windward (Los Angeles/CA) - Very long wing is quick to the rim, plays hard on both ends, and can take it end to end off the glass. Lefty has range to three, but is at his best attacking hoop off crossover and will finish at the rim with dunk or kiss off the glass. Definitely rising in Class of 2015!

Devin Young 6-6 Fr. Sacramento (Sacramento/CA) - Athletic combo has good bounce to the boards, can finish putback or make outlet, then fill a lane in transition. He can drop to the blocks and score with seal and finish. He can create a buzz with his ability to dunk on finish.

Vance Jackson 6-6 Fr. LaSalle (Pasadena/CA) - Promising big wing with a silky soft perimeter touch has a terrific work-ethic, can make plays on glass or off the dribble. He is a good passer from perimeter who gets it to post man on the blocks. One of top young forwards in freshman class on the west coast.

Nick Blair 6-5 So. Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas/NV) - Explosive wing produced 18 points in the Top 30 game and was named the Game MVP!. He has improved his offensive skills, especially from the perimeter where he can knock down the 17-footer off the dribble. He is an excellent passer who can attack the rim and finish with strength too! Hw will team with Zimmerman and Jeter to form top sophomore front court in the USA!

Austin Armstead 6-3 So. Bullard (Fresno/CA) - Rangy wing has ball skills to create drive and can get to the basket off the bounce to finish with flush in traffic. He can score from 15-feet off the pull-up or on the blocks with either hands off the post up game. He is making move to wing, stay tuned!

Ty’Rek Wells 6-3 So. Clark (Las Vegas/NV) - Physical-guard can knock down jumper from 18-feet off the dribble. He can create drive with handle, hit open man on wing or finish at the hoop in traffic versus contact. He can post guards on the blocks and score at will. He is a solid rebounder from back court who can launch break too!

Sedrick Barefield 6-2 So. Centennial (Corona/CA) - He has really honed his playmaking skills and his ability to get the ball to open man on break or dribble drive.  He has range to three and keeps "D" off balance with solid pull-up jumper. He has great court vision and was definitely top point guard at the FCP All-West Camp.

D’Quan Crockett 6-2 So. Clark (Las Vegas/NV) - Long and quick combo can knock down the jumper with regularity from three. He has solid ball skills, can create drive or pass in transition or half-court. He also rolled to block and scores over smaller guards.

Lorne Currie 6-2 So. Fairfax (Los Angeles/CA) - Fast improving combo-guard is an athletic player that can makes plays at both ends of the floor. He has solid handle and took it end to end on occasion, knocked down three with regularity and can hit mid-range jumper on pull-up off dribble.  He showed he can get after it on "D" too.

Jordan Davis 6-2 So. Canyon Springs (Las Vegas/NV) - Rising wing guard showed range to three, can create drive, and is a good finisher. He has good court vision and is a good passer. He needs to work on being aggressive on both ends, but he showed in spurts he can dominate game on offense. One to watch!

Leland Green 6-2 Fr. Redondo (Redondo Beach/CA) - Cat-quick combo is a blur in transition and has the physical tools that make him an intriguing prospect for a rising frosh. He is an excellent open court passer who sees the cutter and delivers the rock. He has range to 17-feet, but needs to work on shot consistency to reach potential. he shows in spurts

Jeremy Hemsley 6-2 So. Damien (La Verne/CA) - Athletic combo can really push it up the court and is a finisher in traffic versus contact. He is a solid passer who showed range to 17-feet, but really caught our eye with his ability to lock down opponents on the defensive end of the court.

Justin Moore 6-2 Fr. Mission Bay (San Diego/CA) - Wing who can score from 17-feet with jumper or attack the hoop off the dribble and finish with length at the rim. He is a good passer too and his quicks and good hands on "D" could make him a lock-down defender down the road.

Tristan Hunter 6-1 So. Perris (Perris/CA) - Combo with range to three can stroke it with regularity from beyond the arc. He is a good passer off the dribble and can also finish the drive in the paint..

Jesse Wade 6-0 So. Davis (Kaysville/UT) - Smart lead guard knows how to play this game, sees the court and makes good decisions with the ball. He can knock down three to keep the "D" off balance and set up pass or drive. He will see lots of interest in the future from top west coast squads..

Kahlil Simplis 6-0 So. Campbell Hall (N. Hollywood/CA) - Solid floor leader sees the court and moves the ball in transition with the pass. He can penetrate and kick it to open man or finish drive in the paint. He sets up drive with solid jumper inside the arc..

Kendall Small 5-11 So. Ocean View (Huntington Beach/CA) - Scoring point can flat out stroke jumper from three or off the dribble. He uses that threat to set up drive and pass to open teammates. He has good quicks and strength to finish that lift his stock in our eyes. Definitely one to watch!

Ke’Jhan Feagin 5-11 So. Poly (Long Beach/CA) - Smooth point has really lifted his game with a knew found confidence with the ball. He can knock down jumper from three with regularity and uses it to set up dribble drive and pass. He sees open man and delivers the rock with accuracy. Point on the rise!

Milan Acquaah 5-11 Fr. La Salle (Pasadena/CA) - Strong and stocky point guard has a relatively easy time getting to the rim for scores against most defenders. He sets up drive or pass with a solid jumper from beyond the arc. He is among best young points in the rising freshman class, stay tuned!

Dikembe Martin 5’11” Fr. JW North (Riverside CA) - Solid floor leader who can penetrate and pass with best in camp. He can knock down mid-range jumper and finished in traffic too. He has tools to become one of top lead guards in freshman class as he matures.

Spencer Freedman 5-8 8th Willows School (Pacific Palisades/CA) - Lefty sharpshooter has range to three on jumper and solid ball skills. .He is a good passer too, but will need to work on his open court and first step quickness to continue to raise his levels.

Top 60 Cream of the Crop All-Star Game Prospects:

Jordan Dallas 6’8”    So. St. John Bosco (Bellflower CA) - Long and athletic rebounder showed flashes offensively in face-up and post-up game.

Jace Rivera 6’7”    Fr. Foothills Christian (El Cajon CA) -  Young post can catch and score , finish in the paint, and is a solid rebounder.

Jeremiah Headley 6’6”    So. Redondo Union (Redondo Beach CA) - Active rebounder, runs floor and gets to rim on post up.

Daron Henson 6’6”    Fr. Alemany (Mission Hills CA) - Young post can catch and score on the blocks or catch it in traffic and finish versus contact.

Tanner Leishman 6’5”    So. Gorman (Las Vegas NV) - Athletic power forward blocked shots and did good job on the glass.

Lance Coleman 6’5”    So. Salesian (Richmond CA) - Rebounder who can start the break with pass or dribble. He has good ball skills, but needs to work on shot.

Devon Edmonds 6’5”    So. Poly (Long Beach CA) - He hit jumper from 18-feet off the dribble and showed he could board and take it end to end.

Martin Tombe 6’5”    Fr. St. Augustine (San Diego CA) - Good rebounder who showed flashes on offensive end, but is at his best getting on the boards.

Travis Fuller 6’4”    So. La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad CA) Athletic combo forward can knock down jumper from the elbow or board and finish around the hoop.

Shea Garland 6’4”    So. Valley (Las Vegas NV) - Fast rising wing man can knock down jumper to the arc, score in paint versus contact and gets on glass.

Rogers Printup 6’4”    So. Orange Lutheran (Orange CA) - Long and athletic wing man can get on the glass. he can score off dribble in traffic too.

Orr Leumi 6’4”    So. Gorman (Las Vegas NV) - Skilled combo guard is an excellent passer who can create drive or pass.  Solid perimeter shooter too!

Johnny McWilliams 6’4”    Fr. San Marcos (San Marcos CA) - Strong combo forward can catch and finish in traffic or post and turn with strength.

Miles James 6’4”    Fr. Price (Santa Monica CA) - Solid wing rebounder with quicks to fill lane and length to finish at the rim.

Reid Johnson 6’4”    Fr. Cathedral (San Diego CA) - Solid wing with range to three, ability to knock down 17 footer off the dribble. Good rebounder who can finish in paint.

Ian Carter 6’4”    Fr. Santa Monica (Santa Monica CA) - Yong combo forward can catch and finish on the blocks, board and fill a lane in transition.

Chris White 6’3”    So. Lawndale (Lawndale CA) - Strong wing has tools to attack hoop off the dribble. He showed range to 15-feet off the dribble.

Jordan Griffin 6’3”    Fr. Corona Centennial (CA) - He showed range to three and ability to pull-up and stick 12-footer.

Victor Lewis 6’2”    So. Perris (Perris CA) - Quick and physical scoring guard has a score first mentality. Stock really rose when he balanced drive and finish with pass to keep "D" honest.

Christian Terrell 6’2”    Fr. Sacramento Charter (Sacramento CA) - Quick wing defender who can attack the hoop off dribble and finish with flush.

Alex Copeland 6’1”    So. Harvard-Westlake (North Hollywood CA) - Wing ith combo skills looks to score inside arc with drive or jumper.

Devon Colley 6’0”    So. Las Vegas (Las Vegas NV) - Lefty combo with range to three who can attack hoop off of solid crossover move.

Devin Fleming 6’0”    So. Valley View (Moreno Valley CA) - Quick point guard who can knock down three to set up dribble drive and pass.

Cameron High 6’0”    So. Redondo Union (Redondo Beach CA) - Good combo with quicks, range to three and the ability to deliver the rock off the dribble.

Tommy McCarthy 6’0”    So. La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad CA) - Wing with range to three who has handle to create dribble drive.

Jerome Sherman II 6’0”    Fr. Foothills Christian (El Cajon CA) - Young combo with ability to see the court and deliver the rock as well as score on drive.

Christian Popoola 6’0”  8th Canarelli MS (Las Vegas NV) - Solid young combo can bring it up versus pressure, score with jumper to arc or finish drive in paint.

Khy Kabellis 5’11”    So. Escondido (Escondido CA) - Young point can deliver the rock with accuracy and sets it up with ability to penetrate with dribble and quicks. Shot range will be key to final levels.

Mitch Lombard 5’11”    So. Rock Canyon (Castle Rock CO) - Solid lead guard sees the court, makes pass to open man and can finish drive in traffic. He needs to develop shot to lift level.

Eric Monroe 5’11”    Fr. St. Augustine (San Diego CA) - Good lead guard who can stick three, sees the court and delivers rock with accuracy.

Quinton Adlesh 5'10" So. Mission Prep (San Luis Obispo CA) - Solid point who knows how to run the show. he is good passer with range to three on jumper.

Latrelle Franklin 5’9”    So. Great Oak (Temecula CA) - Solid lead guard who can deliver the rock off the dribble and attack the hoop and finish. Shot range will be key for the future.

Watch for more coverage of the All-Midwest/East/South Camps in the future, right here at Hot100Hoops.com

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