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The Opening night at the 2012 Pangos All-American Camp

June 4, 2012
By Leroy White of West Coast Hoops

Written by Van Coleman
Saturday, 02 June 2012 12:20

The Opening night at the 2012 Pangos All-American Camp had a number of players who were ready to go from the opening tip.

But, like usual the majority of the camp were feeling out their teammates and opponents, learning toAmerican_Camp.jpg" alt="Pangos_All-American_Camp" style="margin: 5px; float: right;" /> play with each other. This year's camp is missing a few marquee names at the top, due to injuries (Aaron Gordon, Jabari Bird etc), and a couple Team USa players who elected not to return this year, but it has plenty of quality top fifty and one hundred talents that may give it morer depth than in the past couple years. We are definitely looking forward to Sunday's All-Star games that will feature that depth. Today the play will really pick up as the players in camp get in the flow with each other and look to make their mark on the media and earn a spot in the above mentioned "Cream of the Crop" Games. But, for now here is the top dozen players who surprised or wee on the rise based on their play on night one at Cabillo High

Patson Siame 6-11 C Las Vegas, NV Impact Academy - Prep school big man has ability to block and alter shots in the paint, post and score with touch to 12-feet and is an excellent passer who found open man out of double teams...Definitely a surprise on opening night.

Cliff Alexander 6-9 C (2014) Chicago, IL Curie - This physical young big man started slow in the game we watched, but in the second half just took over the glass inside, through down dunks and flat out out ran other bigs for highlight slam on other end...He's raw, but oozes potential

Johnathan Williams 6-9 PF Memphis, TN Southwind - Skilled big man volunteered for Defensive demonstration (as did Stanley Johnson) and showed he will give effort on both ends. He can knock down elbow jumper or attack rim and finish with authority in paint...One of rising seniors best face-up bigs.

Mike Young 6-8 PF Newark, NJ Hudson Catholic - This active big man can step out and knock down 17-footer or attack the rim off dribble or the glass. He has a motor that just doesn't quit...could be on rise this summer in senior class.

Jarell Martin 6-8 PF Baton Rouge, LA Madison Prep - May have been best forward in the camp last night as he showed range to three, hit pull-up from 15-feet and dominated at rim with strength on finish and the glass. He has length, quick hops to go get ball off the glass, and really runs floor and can handle it in open court too!...Will he continue to make statement in Long Beach!

Jordan Bell 6-8 WF/PF Long Beach, CA Poly King of the Oop pass and dunk last night, he can flat out go get it off the bounce. He is active on the glass and is one of quickest insiders from end to end in camp. He showed elbow jumper that sets up the use of his athletic gifts. Can he continue to expand on night one?

Dakari Allen 6-5 WF Sacramento, CA Sheldon - One of the surprise performers, he knocked down jumper inside the arc, showed he can drive and finish in traffic, but it was his defense that created a couple major throwdowns that had people buzzing. One to watch if he can build on last night's efforts.

Wayne Selden 6-5 SG (2014) Tilden, NH Tilden School - Powerful scoring guard knocked down three jumpers form beyond the arc, attacked the hoop off the dribble and flat out was scary punishing defenders in the paint with his body. He has combo skills and can run break and is a surprising passer...One of rising junior class best offensive talents.

Tyler Dorsey 6-4 SG/PG (2015) Los Angeles, CA Ribet - He started a little slow, but really seemed to get his game together in second half, running break, hitting open man off dribble, popping jumper inside the arc, and using body control to score in the lane. He's young, but learning to play with the big boys!

Zach LaVine 6-2 PG Bothell, WA High - This long and lanky point guard has an explosive first step and can flat out deliver the rock off the dribble on penetration or break. He hit jumper from three with regularity and uses it to create drive or set up pass.

Ikenna Iroegbu 6-2 PG Mouth of Wilson, VA Oak Hill Academy - He surprised, or maybe reminded us that he has tools to run the show at a very high level. He played with TYler Lewis at Oak Hill, and based on last night may be ready to take his spot with Warriors next fall. He has solid quicks and is an excellent passer with range to the arc... Will he continue to impress this weekend.

Make no mistake about it, the above group weren't the highest rated guys in the camp as a whole, but they were the hardest playing and most efficient players we observed on the eight (of twelve) teams we evaluated on the opening night. There are going to be some additional talent in camp today, and we will get to see the four teams we missed on the first night, as well everyone else a second time before Saturday's games end. So stay tuned for more on the best from the Pangos, right here at XOFan & Hot100Hoops.com

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