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2012 Southern California Senior Showcase

April 14, 2012
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Report on 2012 Southern California Senior Showcase
Thursday, 29 March 2012 03:41
Report on 2012 Southern California Senior Showcase


The third Annual Southern California Senior Showcase was held Sunday March 25, 2012 at Los Angeles Southwest College. Approximately 150 players in the class of 2012 participated. Here is a report on the event.

Top Prospects: (*indicates highest consideration)

6'2" SG Janvier Alaby of Kearny HS (San Diego Warriors)
-Decent athlete with a nice pull up jumper, ok handler, passes fairly well, driver who finishes well.

6'2" SG Mike Alvarez of Calvary Chapel Downey HS (Cali Rebels)
-Solid ball handler with decent vision, good passer, solid on ball defender, capable driver.

*6'4" SF Darrick Arnold of Summit HS (Independent #2)
- Athletic wing who is a solid driver, rebounds it well and can knock down the open three.

*6'3" SG Dreon Barlett of Edison HS (Huntington Beach) (Cali Rebels)
-Exceptional athlete, attacks the rim very well, and is a very good finisher (finishes above the rim well). Very good in transition and is a capable shooter to three who's shot has vastly improved.

6'0" PG/SG Jordan Belton of San Benito HS (Independent #4)
-Fairly athletic combo guard, solid ball handler, gets in the lane well, moves well without the ball, knows how to play.

*6'7" PF/C John Benson of Gahr HS(Cali Rebels)
-Solid rebounder, fairly athletic and long, decent shooter, needs to develop post game and be willing to go inside and use size/strength.

5'8' PG Lance Booker of St. Bernard's HS (Independent #1)
-One of the surprises of the event. Handles and passes it, pushes the break, penetrates, decent shooter to 3, can defend.

6'0" PG/SG Deshawn Brown of San Pedro HS (Club of San Pedro)
-Combo guard who is fairly athletic, can handle and pass, shoots it ok with 3-point range.

*5'10' PG/SG Reginald Cayless of Highland HS (Independent #2)
-Real good athlete who runs well. Can pull up half court, ok shooter with 3-point range, capable rebounder.

6'0" SG Jake Cipolletti of La Jolla Prep (La Jolla Prep/CTB)
-Shooter with nice range who works hard.

*6'8" PF/C Rashad Davis of Estancia HS (One Tough School)
-Fairly athletic postman who moves well and has a decent touch around the rim, can face up a little and rebounds well.

5'11" PG/SG Demetrius Harris of Morningside HS (Independent #1)
-Fairly good handler and passer, solid driver, ok shooter, and run a team.

*6'4" SF Ivan Dooley of Quartz Hill HS (805 Pump N Run)
-Very long athlete who plays a lot bigger than he is. Can guard multiple positions, and really competes on both sides of the ball. Solid driver who finishes well in transition.

6'4" SF Davis Dragovich of Crescenta Valley HS (BTI LAB)
-Solid all-around game, attacks the basket fairly well, capable shooter to three.

*6'5" PF/SF Kennedy Edwards of Notre Dame HS (TNL)
- Strong combo forward who drives it fairly well, uses body well to draw contact. Is an ok mid-range shooter, has a turnaround shot on the block, does compete.

*6'8" PF Ronalds Elksinis of La Jolla Prep (La Jolla Prep/CTB)
-Euro style player, very skilled and can handle the ball in transition and face up in the half-court, good mid range jumper and a solid rebounder as well.

5'10" PG Troy Fontanilla of Renaissance Academy (BTI LAB)
-Has good vision, displays leadership qualities, capable shooter to three.

*6'5" PF Emani Gant of St. Bernard's HS (Independent #4)
-Fairly athletic four man. Passes it well, can dribble operate on the break, solid rebounder, needs to play hard consistently.

*5'9" PG Vincent Golson of Skyline HS (Independent #3)
-Real good athlete. Solid handler, good passer, effective in transition, sees the floor well, good defender.

5'9" PG Zach Gwin of Ventura HS (805 Pump N Run)
Solid handler, fairly good passer, does see the floor, can run a team.

6'2" SG/SF Israel Hakim of Palo Alto HS (Lakeshow 17's)
-Very good athlete who is very explosive. Very good in the open floor and pushes the ball well in transition, can post up, good rebounder, tough, works hard.

5'9" PG Marcus Harden of Mayfair HS (Cali Rebels)
-Real good athlete who runs very well. Handles and passes fairly well, can pull up in transition, effective penetrator, nice first step.

6'0' PG Tyler Hensley of Beverly Hills HS (BTI Lab)
-Strong and athletic one man, has an ok first step, handles it well.

*6'7" SF/PF Tommy Hobbs of La Jolla Prep (La Jolla Prep/CTB)
-Very deceptive athlete, ok shooter with good range, really competes on both ends of the floor and attacks the rim well.

*6'1" PG/SG Keilan Horton of Culver City HS (Independent #3)
-Fairly quick and athletic, has a burst of speed, capable shooter to three, and is crafty in the lane. A polished combo guard who is a complete player.

6'7" PF/C Kyle Ingram of J Serra HS (TNL)
-Long and fairly athletic post. Runs the floor well and relocates well on offense, finishes just ok, rebounds well, can block shots, needs to develop a better post up game.

6'0" PG Jimmy Jackson of Cypress HS (Branch West Elite)
-Tough hard-nosed point guard, makes good decisions, capable shooter, penetrates well, runs a team.

5'11" PG Joshua Jones of Locke HS (Club of San Pedro)
-Plays fast with the ball, finishes well, ok shooter with 3-point range, nice burst of speed.

6'1" PG Martin Kim of Sunny Hills HS (Open Gym Black)
-Good finisher and a good on ball defender.

*6'2" SG/SF Spencer Levy of Calabasas HS (BTI Lab)
Competitive wing who can handle, shoots it ok with 3-point range and is a solid driver.

*6'4" SG/SF Alex Lipovic of Capistrano Valley HS (One Tough School)
-Solid wing who shoots it very well from three, ok driver, has an ok pull up and is a good passer.

6'2" SG Cody Long of Yorba Linda HS (Open Gym Black)
-Two guard who shoots it ok with range to 3, can pull up half court. High-energy player.

6'3" SG Gary Lux of Rosamond HS (Independent #4)
-Fair athlete who can run and jump. Decent handler, ok in transition, can shoot and drive, does compete on offense, forces it some.

6'4" SG Braiten Madrigal of St. John Bosco HS (Cali Rebels)
- Pushes the ball fairly well in transition and is a capable shooter to three, has a decent feel, handles and passes it, pushes the break, can defend.

*6'1" PG Anthony Martinez of Gahr HS (Independent #2)
-Very good all-around point guard. Handles the ball very well and is a good shooter from three, excels in the open floor as well as pick and roll situations.

6'4" SG Jake McCloskey of Corona Del Mar HS (One Tough School)
- Capable driver with an ok first step, finishes well, ok shooter.

*5'10" PG Steve McElroy Jr. of Mt. Miguel HS (Independent #4/San Diego Warriors)
-Very quick, with a good first step, good strength. An ok shooter, penetrates well, handles and passes, makes plays in transition. High energy competitor.

6'5" SF Matt Moreno of Redwood HS (Lakeshow 17's)
-Bouncy athlete who is very good in transition (finishes well). Has a solid faceup game and is a very capable mid range shooter.

5'10 PG Brenton Muldrow of ML King HS (Branch West Elite)
-Athletic one-man, handles and passes fairly well, can pull up half court.

6'6" SF Garret Nielan of Downey HS (Cali Rebels)
-Good shooter out to three, plays hard and is a solid all-around player, can handle, pass and shoot.

5'10" PG/SG JR Parker of Sunny Hills HS (Open Gym Black)
- Combo guard who can handle and pass is effective in transition (can pull up and can finish), moves well without the ball. Very quick, good feel, leads his team well.

6'5" SF Corey Phillips of Morse HS (San Diego Warriors)
- Has good size and length on the perimeter. Handles the ball, strong driver who finishes well and is a capable shooter to three.

6'4" SG JR Powell of Royal HS (805 Pump N Run)
-Good feel, nice pullup, good shooter to three.

6'2" SG Nikko Quinnones of La Mirada HS (Open Gym Black)
-Good shooter with three range, solid defender, can handle/pass, decent pull up in transition.

6'3" SF/PF Matt Ramon of Oxnard HS (805 Pump N Run)
-Undersized post who plays hard, finishes very well and is very strong.

*6'6" SG/SF Victor Robbins of Compton HS (TNL)
-Good athlete who is good attacking in transition but can also pull up, good passer, a capable shooter out to three and finishes well at the rim. Is better than he showed at this event.

6'1" SG/PG Jalan Rodgers of Newark Memorial HS (Independent #4)
-Hard-working combo guard, defends, shoots it ok with 3-range.

6'7" Gibran Sewani of South Torrance HS (Branch West Elite)
-Passes it ok, can dribble operate on the block, decent mid-range shooter, can rebound (has some knack for the ball)

6'1" PG Cary Sjobakken of Long Beach Milikan HS (Club of San Pedro)
-Solid point guard, who attacks well, absorbs contact well and finishes, good shooter to three, can pull up in transition and half court.

6'3" PG/SG Sam Borst-Smith of Peninsula HS (Branch West Elite)
-Good athlete, solid ball handler, ok driver, fairly good shooter with 3-point range.

*5'9" PG Myles Smith of Mayfair HS (Club of San Pedro)
- Solid all-around point guard with good vision, passes the ball well and is very quick, nice first step, solid driver. Makes things happen.

6'1" PG Cary Sjobakken of Long Beach Milikan HS (Club of San Pedro)
-Solid point guard, who attacks well, absorbs contact well and finishes, capable shooter to three.

6'1" PG Darius Spates of Verbum Dei HS (Independent #4)
-Athletic, runs well, ok handler, can pull up in transition and half court, gets to the basket on the drive.

6'5" SF Ryan Swain of Buchanan HS (Lakeshow 17's)
Good shooter with three-range, solid rebounder, knows how to play.

6'7" C Terrence Traylor of Dominguez HS (Independent #3)
- Long and athletic big man, runs and moves very well, finishes well inside, has a jump hook and a nice one-bounce drive.

6'6" SF/PF Abu Tratter of St. Francis HS (Lakeshow 17's)
-Solid forward who rebounds very well, finishes strong and is a very good right hand driver.

6'3" SF Dominique Walker of Etiwanda HS (Independent #3)
-Fairly athletic and aggressive driver, solid handler, ok in transition, competes on both ends.

6'4" SF Jalen Walker of St. Bernard's HS (Independent #1)
-Long and fairly athletic, drives well and is a decent mid range shooter, tends to play in spurts.

5'10" PG/SG Quentin Wienerman of Westlake HS (BTI LAB)
-Has some quickness, handles it well, capable driver/penetrator.

6'6" PF/C Josh Walker of Aliso Niguel HS (One Tough School)
-Postman who has a drop and a one-bounce drive, decent rebounder.

6'3" SG/SF Jarvis Watkins of Antelope HS (Independent #2)
-Athletic wing, can handle, gets to the basket on the drive, solid rebounder.

6'10" C Jermaine Wilson of Morningside HS (Branch West Elite)
-Does work hard and has come a long way, moves fairly well without the ball, establishes position well, and finishes a little, decent shot blocker and rebounder. Red-shirt is his best option.

6'4" SG/PG Wolfie Wood of Santa Margarita HS (TNL)
-Plays hard on both ends of the floor, attacks in transition and is an okay shooter, handles and passes.


Names to Note (*indicates highest consideration)

6'5" PF Arnold Anderson of Dominguez HS (Independent #3)
6'3" SF Jonathan Baxter of Verbum Dei HS (Independent #4)
6'4" SG Michael Bieniak of Laguna Hills HS (TNL)
*5'10" PG Marcus Booker of Mount Miguel HS (Independent #1)
*6'4" SG/SF Jonny Crosthwaite of Northgate HS (Lakeshow)
*6'8 C Rashad Davis of Estancia HS (One Tough School)
6'9" C Drew Dickey of St. Francis HS (Lakeshow)
6'2" SG Jonathan Franklin of Morningside HS (Independent #1)
6'5" SF Robert Govan of View Park Prep (Independent4)
*6'3" SF Mc Hayle Harnell of Livermore HS (Lakeshow)
6'3" SF Billy Holloway of San Diego HS (San Diego Warriors)
6'1" PG/SG Nathaniel Houston of Oxnard HS (805 Pump N Run)
6'2" SF Lucky Huerta of Fairfax HS (BTI Lab)
6'1" PG Connor Jean of Northgate HS (Lakeshow 17's)
6'1" SG Martin Kim of Sunny Hills HS (Open Gym Black)
*6'7" PF/SF Reece Lemon of J Serra HS (Independent #1)
5'10" PG DJ Mebratu of Mission Bay HS (San Diego Warriors)
6'2" PG Kohl Meyer of Pt. Loma HS (Branch West Elite)
6'0" PG Bryan Morales of San Juan Hills HS (TNL)
6'3'" SG/SF Matt Ramon of Oxnard HS (805 Pump N Run)
6'1" PG Caleb Richmond of Highland HS (805 Pump N Run)
6'1" PG Brice Robell of Coronado HS (La Jolla Prep/CTB)
6'0" SG Jordan Russell of Moorpark HS (Branch West Elite)
6'4" SF Mitchell Sagely of Moorpark HS (Branch West Elite)
5'8' PG Ian Thomas of Long Beach Wilson HS (Independent #2)
6'5' PC/C Matthew Walker of Windward School (BTI Lab)
5'9" PG Keith Wilson of Alhambra HS (Lakesh

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