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Track And Field Letter Requirements

April 30, 2010
By wfrunning Behnke of Weyauwega-Fremont High School


To Begin Practice With The Team:

  • 1. Physical or Alternate Year Physical Card on File.
  • 2. Athletic Code signed by athlete & Parents on file
  • 3. Emergency Information on file.
  • 4. Athletic team participation fees paid. ($20)


To Earn a Varsity Letter in Track for WFHS:

  • 1. An athlete must earn a scoring place in any track meet Six (6) times.
  • a. In a regular meet, this would be one of the top three finishers through the eighth best finisher in an event. The number of scoring places will depend on how many schools are entered in the meet.
  • b. Athletes who are entered in the Invitational meets, including the County & Conference meets and others, will automatically be awarded at least one place, even if the athlete does not earn points for the team score. If an athlete in an Invitational places in one event, but not their other events, they will only earn places for the one event.

  • 2. An athlete must earn a total of fifty (50) letter points during the course of the season.
  • a. Letter Points are earned by taking the number of points earned toward the team score and multiplying that number by the number of opposing schools in the competition. i.e. In the conference meet, eight places are awarded and there are eight other schools in the meet. First place is worth 10 points so a first would be worth 80 letter points. Fourth place is worth 5 points, so it would be worth 40 letter points. Each member of a relay team will get the letter points for the event.
  • b. Alternates who are named to be a member of relay team for the WIAA tournament will be awarded the place, if any is won, and one-fourth of the letter points the actual runners earn. This is because a relay team of six athletes has to stay intact during the entire tournament series.

  • 3. All athletes must complete the season in good standing with the team, coaches, and school administration. An athlete who quits the team once they have met the other requirements will forfeit any claims to a varsity letter

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