Coach April Healy

Name:  April Healy

High School:  Worth County R-III, 2003

Post Secondary:  Northwest Missouri State University

  Sports Played:  

  • College: Bearcat Basketball '03-'08
  • High School: Softball, Golf, Basketball, & Track

  Graduation Year:  2008

  Degrees:   B.S. Marketing, B.S. Management, Masters Instructional Technology

Years Coached:  2008 - Present

Sports Coached: Girls Varsity Basketball & Junior High Softball

What’s your favorite basketball  memory?

  • Making it to State Basketball 2003
  • Jess Burton’s Northwest Freshman initiation at midnight madness
  • MIAA Tourney Champs in 2008 + the buzzer beater versus West Texas A&M in regional’s


What’s your favorite quality in a player?

 Someone who is coachable.  You tell, they listen, and then they try to do what you just told them. 


In your opinion what’s the most important stat in basketball?

Rebounds:  The team with the most rebounds usually wins.  If you grab every defensive rebound it means they only got one shot attempt.  If you get offensive boards your team gets more attempts to score.  Drills may improve rebounding some, but for the most part it comes down to who wants the ball the most!


My favorite "stat" however is the CHARGE!   It’s my favorite defensive play…putting yourself in the line of fire and taking one for the team!


Attitude: what does it mean to you?

It means the difference between an ok player and a great player.  Great players have a positive attitude.  A great player has the attitude that they can always be improving.   A great player has a competitive attitude where they want to win in every drill, every play, and every sprint.


How do you define toughness?

Going as fast as you can, as hard as you can, and as long as you can.  Many players take possessions off.  Maybe they just try hard when they have the ball, or maybe they only go hard when the person they are defending has the ball…but toughness is going as hard as you can all the time!

 (For a great article explaining toughness in its entirety look under the Documents link)

How important is the offseason?

This is when playing time is earned.  If you want to be great at anything you have to practice it year around.  Here is what my ideal player focuses on in the offseason:

  1. Learn the game: play as much as possible (AAU, summer jam, and pick-up games)
  2. Improve yourself physically: weight lifting and speed/agilities
  3. Advance your skills: shooting game speed and game type shots, dribbling, and becoming fundamentally correct (my pet-peeve layup form!)