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February 25, 2015
Worth County High School

2014 - 2015 Boys Tiger Basketball News\

Districts round one




Worth County 10 11 14 14 -49


North Nodaway 8 11 20 15 -54


Worth County


Alarcon 4, McClellan 2, Allee 6, Drake Kinsella 11, Mason Hawk 14, Josh Warner 13. Totals: 16 8-16 49. 3-point field goals: 3, (Allee, Kinsetta 2). Fouled out: none.

Worth County vs Pattonsburgh (2/20/15)

The Tigers came out a little slow. They found them selves down early. But they managed to battle back and get a one point lead by halftime. In the second half the Tigers where on fire and couldnt seem to miss. They built up a big lead but then the Panthers started to make shots and climb back into the game. But when Pattonsburgh had to start fouling and the Tigers took that to there advantage and made the freethrows to seal the deal.

Worth County vs. Stanberry (2/17/15)

The Tigers played well against the state ranked Stanberry Bulldogs. The final score was 54-42. The Tigers didn't start falling behind until the end of the 3rd when the Tigers got into foul trouble. The Tigers also were within 6 points the entire game until the end. Worth County was making hard shots but couldn't always finish on the easy ones. The Tigers look to have their revenge in the district tournament next week. 

Worth County vs. North Harrison (2/16/15)

The Tigers come out looking like they where going to have a bad night shooting but they refused to have a bad offensive night and kept feeding it in to the big guys that would score at will on the smaller opponents. As the Tigers kept geeting the ball inside the defense shamrock defense started to tighten up witch allowed the Tigers to start hitting there outside shots. Great defense also helped the Tigers be able to run the floor and get easy layups. The Tigers won by a final score of 59-37.    


Worth County vs. Polo (2/13/15)

The Tigers went to Polo last friday and won 48-29. The Tigers started off great in the first leading 15-2. Polo had several strides that almost brought them back into the game but the Tigers held off. The Tigers are now 6-14.

Worth County vs. South Harrison (2/10/15)

The Tigers traveled to Beathany to take on the bulldogs tuesday and lost by 7. The first half the Tigers defense did good keeping the bulldogs leading score to low numbers. But on offense the Tigers couldnt get the ball in the hoop. After leading at halftime by one the Tigers struggled at to score again at the start of the third but as the game went on the Tigers put their big lineup in and started to take advantage of the mismatches. That only lasted for so long as the bulldogs put on their press and the Tigers had to sub in some more guards to handle the ball pressure but after taking out their three experianced players to get a breather they began to crumble under the preasure and turn the ball over swinging the momentem in South Harrisons favor. The Tigers started to get out in transition and score easy layups and a three pointer that put them back into the game. Even though the Tigers lost by 7 they didnt give up the last 4 points until they had to foul at the end. The final score was 52-45.

Worth County vs. Princeton (2-6-15)

The Tigers have played Princeton for the 3rd time this year. They stopped their best scorer holding him to only 8 points, but the Tigers couldn't stop their 6'8" sophmore. He scored 21. Nobody in the Tigers scored double digits. But the Tigers had solid defense but their offense wasn't up to Princeton's offense. The Tigers lost by 15, 34-49.

Worth County vs. East Harrison (2-5-15)

The Tigers hosted the first game of back to back home games on thursday against the bobcats. From the tip-off the Tigers took control of the game and never looked back. After hitting a lot of 3's in the first half and only giving up 10 points the Tigers came out at halftime and still couldn't miss as the team hit seven 3 pointers. The final score was 52-32. The Tigers host the Princeton Tigers tomorrow.

Worth County vs. Maysville (2-3-15)

The Tigers traveled to Maysville to take on the wolverines on tuesday night. After playing one of the worst halves the team has played all year and only found themselves down by 11. In the second half the Tigers battled back to make it a two possesion ball game. With the final minutes winding off the clock the Tigers had to start to foul and the wolverines started to make their free throws to put away the game. The final score was 50-41.

Worth County vs. Albany (Court Warming)

The Tigers played hard against a well ranked conference oponient Albany staying with them all the way until half time. The Warriors hit several 3's to give them a slight lead and the Tigers couldn't over come it. The Tigers lost 58-46.

Worth County vs. Nodaway Holt (1-26-15)

The Tigers came off a 5 game losing streak with a win over the Nodaway Holt Trojians. The tigers started off great in the first winning 19-1. The Tigers were on fire. The final score was 56-27 the highest lead the Tigers have had this year. This week is courtwarming and the Tigers play Albany on Friday. 

Worth County vs. Braymer (1-23-15)

The Tigers took a long road trip to play the new powerhouse of the GRC. The Bobcats entered the Confrence two years ago and have been winning ever sense. Even though the Tigers had a long road trip, it didnt show in their first half of play as the Tigers offense finally started to look like everyone was on page with each other. But in the second half they started to play like they have all year and started to throw the ball away which helped Braymer run away with the game in the second half. The Tigers lost 73-44.

Worth County vs. King City(1-20-15)

Worth County started off slow but had an early comback in the first to make it a one score game. The Tigers were playing excellant defense holding them to 41 points in all four quarters and one over time. The Tigers beat the Wildcats in rebounds 49-21. The Tigers lost after their tie into overtime. Tigers play Bramer this friday.

Worth County vs. King City Stanberry Tournament 2015 (1/14/2015)

The Tigers did a good job of getting to the free throw line but didnt take advantage as they went 1-10 from the freethrow line in the first half. The Tigers did all they could as they kept getting to the freethrow line. They shot 10-26 from the freethrow line for the whole game but it didnt match the hot shooting from King City. This was the second 9pm game in a row for the Tigers and it showed as they where to tired to finsh at the line.

Worth County vs. Mound City Stanberry Tournament 2015 (1/13/2015)




Worth County 12 7 7 9 -35


Mound City 13 10 10 15 -48


Worth County


Alarcon 4, Allee 6, Kinsella 7, Hawk 6, Josh Warner 12. Totals: 14 6-9 35. 3-point field goals:1, (Kinsella). Fouled out: none.


Mound City


Hayden Marrs 13, Ben Shifflet 10, Jaden Gillenwater 11, Honea 9, Loucks 5. Totals: 16 10-14 48. 3-point field goals: 6, (Marrs 3, Shifflet, Gillenwater, Loucks). Fouled out: none.

Worth County vs. Gallatin (1/9/15)

The Tigers lost last friday night against Gallatin 70-40. The Bulldogs went over 50% from the field making the Tigers offense playing catch up all game. The Tigers played well in the second quarter but Gallatin played well in the first making their lead to much to over come. Stanberry Tournament is this week for the Tigers

Worth County vs. Northeast Nodaway (1/6/15)

After a sloppy start last tuesday the Tigers picked their game up in the second quarter and never looked back as they played one of their best offinsive games of the year. All of the players on the team showed they where a threat to score and the Bluejay defenders would have to keep an eye on everybody. The Tigers won by a file score of 53-35.

Worth County vs. Jefferson (1/2/15)

The Tigers lost Friday night in the 2nd quarter. The Eagles hit 7 3's in the end quarter to have a 29 quarter putting the tigers down by 21 at half time. The Tigers ended up wining every other quarter but counldn't overcome the 29 points the Eagles scored in the 2nd quarter. The Tigers lost 61-38.

Worth County vs. North Andrew (12/16/14)

The Tigers were locked in a defensive battle against the Cardinals and found their selves leadind at half time 18-14. The defensive game worked again in the second half but a few turnovers allowed the Cardinals to close the gap. The two teams where tied at 27 when the fourth quarter ended. The Tigers went right to work at the begining of overtime and took the early lead. But the Cardinals once again came back to even the game up. The Tigers ended up falling to the Cardinals 33-31 in overtime.

Worth County vs. West Nodaway (12/11/14)

The Tigers traveled to Burlington Junction to play West Nodaway and narrowly came away with the win losing by a final score of 56-55. Both teams seemed to be evenly matched in the first half but the Tigers slowly started to pull away in the Third. With five minutes left the Tigers saw themselves up by 11 and started to play soft defense and their lead droped to only 3 with four minutes left. The tigers got the ball with 8 seconds left in the game trailing by 1 but missed a layup heavily contested layup at the buzzer. 

Worth County vs. North Nodaway (12/10/14)




At Grant City, Mo.


North Nodaway 12 3 5 15 -35


Worth County 12 9 16 12 -49


North Nodaway (2-4)


Reynolds 12, Wray 11, Coleman 5, Rios 4, Chesnut 3. Totals: 19 4-14 35. 3-point field goals: 5, (Coleman, Chesnut, Reynolds 3). Fouled out: none.


Worth County (2-2)


Truman Moore 13, Josh Warner 12, Kinsella 8, Alarcon 8, Allee 5, Hawk 3. Totals: 15 17-27 49. 3-point field goals: 2, (Allee, Kinsella). Fouled out: none.

Worth County vs. King City Albany Tournament 2014 (12/2/14)

Worth County came out shooting the ball very well and took the early lead. King City tried pressing early in the game and stuck with that plan through the whole game, but Worth County stayed calm and always found a way to get the ball to the open man for good shots. The tigers won 71-46 and advance to play saturday for 3rd place.

Worth County vs. Princeton Albany Tournament 2014 (12/1/14)

Worth County was down early in the first few minutes but after a series of 3's got back in to win the first quarter19-17. Princeton came out with a drive in the second quarter outscoring Worth County by 13 points. The half-time score was 36-25 Tigers losing. The tigers won the 3rd and 4th quarter and came within 2 with 4 minutes to play but couldn't pull out with the win. The final score was Worth County 55 Princeton 61. Tigers play King City for the second game of the Tournament.

Districts (2/25/14)

The Worth County Tigers played a great last game against the Jefferson Eagles. The Tigers couldnt pull off the win and the final score was 70-35. They had a great season!

Pattonsburg (2/20/14)

The Tigers played their last home game for the season against the Pattonsburg Panthers. The Panthers had no chance against the Tigers. Worth County won the game 65-41.

North Harrison (2/17/14)

The Worth County Tigers played a tough game. They lost 59-55.

Polo (2/14/14)

The Tigers played together as a team and pulled off the courtwarming win. They beat Polo 79-52.

Maysville (2/13/14)

Worth County played a tough game but couldn't pull off the win. The final score was 53-46.

South Harrison (2/11/14)

The Tigers played a great game but ended up losing 77-61.

@ East Harrison (2/10/14)

The Worth County Tigers played against the East Harrison Bobcats. The Tigers lost 80-53.

@ Princeton (2/07/14)

The Tigers played a tough game and tryed their hardest. They ended up losing to the Princeton Tigers 70-49.

@ Albany (1/31/14)

The Worth County Tigers played great defense against the Albany Warriors. They played a great game but couldn't pull off the win. Albany won 74-60.

@ Nodaway Holt (1/27/14)

The Tigers played a great game agaisnt the Trojans. They played good  defense and worked together as a team. It was a very close game but the Tigers ended up losing 55-50

Braymer @ home (1/24/14)

The Worth County Tigers played a tough game and didn't give up but couldn't pull off a win.

@King City (1/21/14)

The boys lost 66-49. The Tigers played very hard but just couldn't hold on. 

Stanberry Tournament (1/14-17/14)

Round 2

The Worth County Tigers lost 29-67 to the North Andrew Cardinals. The Tigers played a great first quarter but as the game went on, they gave up some points and lost. 

Round 1

The Tigers played a tough game and didn't give up. They lost their first round of the tournament to Mound City 81-47.

Gallatin @ home (1/10/14)

The Worth County boys lost 67-49. The Tigers had a great first quarter but ended up losing.

Ravenwood @ home (1/07/14)

The Worth County boys played against the Ravenwood Bluejays. The Tigers played great defense but in the end they couldn't pull off the win. They lost 35-61. 

@Jefferson (1/03/14)

The Worth County boys played a tough game but weren't able to pull off a win. The score to the game was 42-76.

@ North Andrew (12/17/13)

North Andrew 86 , Worth County 46

Worth County- 7 11 20 8 -46

North Andrew- 17 24 31 14 -86

Worth County

Badell 4, Brevyn Ross 22, Smyser 1, Simmons 1, Craven 2, Warner 2, Truman Moore 14, Alarcon 1. Totals: 16 11-25 46. 3-point field goals: 1, (Ross). Fouled out: none.

North Andrew

Darek Mercer 15, Nate Atkins 12, Quade Bauman 12, Schuman 2, Mitchell Officer 10, Barnhart 3, Bryar Moppin 10, B. Bauman 2, White 2, Austin Dalbey 18. Totals: 36 14-27 86. 3-point field goals: none. Fouled out: none.

Home game against West Nodaway

The boys game went alright last night against the rockets. There were plenty of chances for a basket to be shot, but weren't noticed. Hopefully, next Tuesday, 12/17/13, when they travel to North Andrew they can pull it together and play a good game and possibly win their first game.

@ North Nodaway (12/10/13)

North Nodaway 53 , Worth County 47

Worth County- 11 4 12 20 -47

North Nodaway- 21 4 16 12 -53

Worth County

Badell 8, Brevyn Ross 19, Ryan Smyser 2, Simmons 2, Craven 2, Moore 9, Warner 1, Alarcon 4. Totals: 18 8-18 47. 3-point field goals: 3, (Ross 2, Badell). Fouled out: Simmons, Alarcon.

North Nodaway

Chesnut 8, Coleman 6, Fred Rios 13, Kolby Reynolds 13, Smyser 4, Wray 2, Brown 1, Gladman 6. Totals: 16 18-32 53. 3-point field goals: 3, (Chesnut, Gladman 2). Fouled out: none.

Albany Tournament : 12/02/13 - 12/07/13

Round 2:

King City 60 , Worth County 51

King City- 14 16 19 11 -60

Worth County- 19 18 1 13 -51

King City

Noah Poling 3, Devin Breckenridge 4, Reagan Law 18, Drew Potter 6, Walker McCallon 2, B.J. Eiberger 2, John Spiking 25. Totals: 21 12-19 60. 3-point field goals: 2, (Law, Potter). Fouled out: none.

Worth County

Ben Badell 15, Brevyn Ross 15, Smyser 2, Simmons 2, Truman Moore 12, Warner 5. Totals: 22 4-13 51. 3-point field goals: 3, (Badell 3). Fouled out: none.

Round 1:

Stanberry 66 , Worth County 51

Worth County- 15 9 13 14 -51

Stanberry- 16 25 12 13 -66

Worth County

Badell 4, Brevyn Ross 24, Simmons 4, D. Allen 1, Craven 9, Moore 8, Warner 1. Totals: 18 12-20 51. 3-point field goals: 3 (Badell, Ross, Craven). Fouled out: Simmons.


Alex McQuinn 12, Craig 3, C. Luke 5, McMillen 2, Isaac Heddinger 11, N. Luke 4, Ryan Jenson 19, Hailey 6, McQueen 2, Nielson 2. Totals: 27 10-20 66. 3-point field goals: 2, (McQuinn, C. Luke). Fouled out: N. Luke.




Boys Tiger Basketball News


Boys Finish up Season with loss to Ridgeway.

Tigers were ahead at halftime lead most of game but made to many errors to finish with a win.

Tigers will lose seniors Bryce Ross and Grant Parman.

Bryce ends his career with a record score of 1419 points and 549 rebounds.


Ridgeway 16 12 16 17 -61

Worth County 14 18 10 12 -54

Ridgeway (20-3)

Ben Rinehart 23, Joe Longo 16, Craig 8, J. Rinehart 8, Hale 6. Totals: 23 10-15 61. 3-point field goals: 5, (B. Rinehart 5). Fouled out: none.

Worth County (2-21)

Brevyn Ross 19, Bryce Ross 15, Parman 6, Moore 6, Mullock 5, Alarcon 3. Totals: 22 5-9 54. 3-point field goals: 5, (Bre. Ross 2, Parman 2, Mullock). Fouled out: Mullock.



At Pattonsburg, Mo.

Worth Country 13 12 16 18 -59

Pattonsburg 8 13 19 13 -53

Worth County (3-20)

Cole Parman 12, Bryce Ross 18, G. Parman 3, Alarcon 2, Mullock 2, Brevyn Ross 14, Craven 2, Moore 2, Badell 4. Totals: 21 12-17 59. 3-point field goals: 5, (Cole Parman 4, G. Parman Last). Fouled out: Bryce Ross, Moore

Pattonsburg (8-15)

Matt Huskey 10, J. Teel 2, Hartley 2, Davis 7, Jared Teel 15, Tyler Fore 16, Hulett 1. Totals: 17 17-35 53. 3-point field goals: 2, (Fore 2). Fouled out: J. Teel.

At Grant City, Mo.

Stanberry 22 16 21 12 -71

Worth County 12 11 3 7 -33


Heddinger 8, McQuinn 3, Reid Osborn 16, Gage 9, McMillen 2, I. Heddinger 4, Nathan Luke 11, Ryan Jemsen 12, Hailey 6. Totals: 29 12-17 71. 3-point field goal: 1, (Gage). Fouled out: none.

Worth County

Bryce Ross 14, Parman 1, Simmons 1, Mullock 2, Bre. Ross 6, Craven 2, Warner 2, Moore 5. Totals: 12 9-13 33. 3-point field goals: none. Fouled out: none.

Worth County 16 11 13 13 -63

North Harrison 19 25 9 10 -53

Worth County

C. Parman 6, Bryce Ross 25, G. Parman 2, Mullock 5, Brevyn Ross 12, Craven 2. Totals: 18 16-23 53. 3-point field goals: 1, (Mullock). Fouled out: none.

North Harrison

Garren Gibson 23, Reed Hallock 16, Stanley 5, Parkhurst 5, Sturdevant 7, Bowen 3, Hurt 4. Totals: 22 13-21 63. 3-point field goals: 6, (Gibson 2, Hallock 2, Parkhurst, Sturdevant). Fouled out: Stanley.

South Harrison 

Boys traveled for GRC game to Bethany. In the end they were unable to stop Kaid Hendren who played the whole game ending with 51 points.

Worth County-55

South Harrison-90


The Tigers came into the game with a win, but they came out with a loss. The tigers were out outscored by 20 points in the 2nd quarter. The tigers next game will be played at South Harrison 2/5/13 at Bethany.

Worth County-51



Courtwarming was great for the tigers as they came out with a win against Princeton. The seniors will go out winning 3 of there four courtwarmings.


At Grant City, Mo.

Princeton 14 17 15 11 -57

Worth County 16 13 15 21 -65


Konopasek 7, Brant Faulkner 18, Hamilton 5, Devin Purvis 18, McLain 1, Cox 8. Totals: 22 7-14 57. 3-point field goals: 6, (Purvis 3, Konopasek, Faulkner, Cox). Fouled out: Hamilton.

Worth County

Parman 9, Bryce Ross 31, Christopher Alarcon 11, Mullock 2, Bre. Ross 6, Moore 6. Totals: 25 12-21 65. 3-point field goals: 3, (Parman 3). Fouled out: Bre. Ross.




The tigers had the lead for most of the game. But in the end the tigers just couldn't come out with a win.

Worth County- 61

Nodaway-Holt- 68


The game was very high scoring and very physcial. The tigers had there most high scoring game this year. 

Worth County-68

Braymer- 82

The boys basketball team came out and played very competive against the King City wildcats. But in the end the tigers didn't have enough to stop Drew Potter from scoring 26 points against them. The tigers travel to Braymer for there next game.  


At Grant City, Mo.

King City 13 17 19 9 -58

Worth County 8 14 19 12 -53

King City

Co. Eiberger 4, Spiking 7, Law 2, Drew Potter 26, Ilya Stagner 10, Ca. Eiberger 9. Totals: 22 7-12 58. 3-point field goals: 7, (Potter 6, Ca. Eiberger). Fouled out: Ca. Eiberger.

Worth County

Bryce Ross 21, Parman 4, Mullock 2, Brevyn Ross 12, Craven 1, Truman Moore 13. Totals: 21 11-15 53. 3-point field goals: none. Fouled out: Bre. Ross.

Tigers Lose in Round 2 to Mound City

The Tigers lose a close game to Mound City in the secound round of the Stanberry tournament. Late in the fourth the Tigers came back to make it a very close game but they couldn't hold on to it. Both of the Parmans were out of the game with the flu which could have made a big difference in the way the game turned out.


Worth County 6 9 14 17 -46

Mound City 12 16 17 13 -58

Worth County

Bryce Ross 21, Alarcon 1, Mullock 3, Brevyn Ross 14, Warner 1, Moore 6. Totals: 18 8-13 46. 3-point field goals: 2, (Molluck, B. Ross). Fouled out: none.

Mound City

Hayden Marrs 16, Johnson 9, Messer 2, Sanders 8, Miles Loucks 12, Wilson 7, Newcomb 4. Totals: 22 11-18 58. 3-point field goals: 3, (Marrs, Johnson, Loucks). Fouled out: none.

Tigers Lose in Round 1

Tigers faced off against the one seed North Andrew Cardinals. Tigers were only down 13 at halftime, but in the second half they came up short.


Worth County 6 12 7 17 -42

North Andrew 18 12 13 14 -57

Worth County

Parman 8, Bryce Ross 11, Brevyn Ross 17, Moore 6. Totals: 18 4-6 42. 3-point field goals: 2, (Parman 2). Fouled out: none.

North Andrew

Dittemore 2, Nate Atkins 12, Bauman 6, Officer 4, Moppin 7, Jeremiah Libich 25, Aye 1. Totals: 25 4-8 57. 3-point field goals: 3, (Atkins 2, Moppin). Fouled out: none.

Tigers Fall Against Versus West Nodaway

The tigers , not at full force Friday, with injuries to Brevyn and Cole, lost a close game to the Rockets on Friday.


Worth County 12 16 12 15 -55

West Nodaway 10 11 13 11 -45

Worth County

Parman 4, Rennells 1, Bryce Ross 22, Simmons 2, Alarcon 4, Mullock 5, Warner 6, Moore 1. Totals: 14 14-23 45. 3-point field goals: 1, (Mullock). Fouled out: none.

Tigers Win Versus North Nodaway

Tigers get there first win as they get their first win against North Nodaway 67-54. Bryce Ross Senior got his 1000 career point. Bryce scored 26 points in the game. 


At Grant City, Mo.

North Nodaway 11 11 7 25 -54

Worth County 15 15 10 27 -67

North Nodaway

Nick Gladman 11, Austin Reynolds 10, Trent Coleman 18, Rios 2, Koby Reynolds 12, Brown 1. Totals: 18 12-18 54. 3-point field goals: 6, (Gladman 2, Coleman, Reynolds 3). Fouled out: Reynolds.

Worth County

Parman 7, Bryce Ross 26, Smyser 1, Simmons 6, Alarcon 4, Brevyn Ross 11, Truman Moore. Totals: 28 10-22 67. 3-point field goals: 1, (Parman). Fouled out: Mullock.

Tigers fall to King City in close match-up

Tigers played a very close game against the wildcats but just came up short losing 58-51. Bryce Ross lead the team as he scored 31 points in the game.

King City

Co. George 4, John Spiking 22, Potter 5, Stagner 8, Caleb George 18. Totals: 21 13-22 57. 3-point field goals: 2, (Potter, Ca. George). Fouled out: none.

Worth County

Parman 4, Bryce Ross 31, Alarcon 4, Brevyn Ross 12. Totals: 18 14-20 51. 3-point field goals: 1, (Parman). Fouled out: Br. Ross, Moore

Tigers will face King City for the consaltion game at the Albany tournament. King City is coming off a win over Prinction.

Tigers fall to Albany at Albany Tournament 11/27

The tigers fell to higher seed Albany after losing Senior Dylan Kinsella to his 3rd torn ACL over the course of his high school career.  The Tigers stayed within reach the first half but the Warriors were able to pull away in the second half.  The inexperienced Tigers look to improve in their final game against the winner of Princeton King City on Friday night for consolation.


At Albany, Mo.

Worth County 8 10 13 16 -47

Albany 13 22 14 19 -68

Worth County

Cole Parman 11, Bryce Ross 18, Mullock 2, Brevin Ross 12, Moore 4. Totals: 18 10-20 47. 3-point field goals: 1, (Parman). Fouled out: none.


Sagan 4, Drew Cottrill 15, Drew Bain 13, Hinkle 4, Paul 8, Noah Wilmes 13, Tyler Lupfer 11. Totals: 28 9-10 68. 3-point field goals: 3, (Paul 2, Bain). Fouled out: Bain.

Stanberry at Albany Tournament 11/26


Worth County 4 20 8 9 -41

Stanberry 20 10 17 9 -56

Worth County

C. Parman 3, Bry. Ross 4, Simmons 2, G. Parman 4, Alaracon 3, Bre. Ross 9, Dylan Kinsella 14, Moore 2. Totals: 11 18-25 41. 3-point field goals: 1, (Alaracon). Fouled out: Kinsella.

Tigers play Stanberry tonight at 9:15 at Albany high school gym. Tigers have 17 players out for basketball this year. Three of those our seniors.

Districts Round 2 Versus Stanberry

Tigers finish their season Thursday night after a loss to the Stanberry Bulldogs.  The Tigers focused on forcing outside shots and were able to do so but Stanberry was unable to miss, hitting around 50% of their shots in the first half.  The Bulldogs cooled down in the second half but Worth County was unable to get to the bucket to capitalize.  The Tigers graduate 3 seniors Todd Harding, Jordan Harding, and Eli Mullock.

Stanberry 60

Worth County 44

Worth County 10 13 10 11 - 44

Stanberry 21 15 7 17 - 60

Worth County: Bryce Ross 12, Todd Harding 24, Mullock 8. Totals: 19 3-3 44. 3-point field goals: 1, (Mullock). Fouled out: none.

Stanberry: Jacob Heddinger 12, Reid Osborn 12, Gabe Sego 10, Johnson 7, Kevin Luke 19. Totals: 22 4-4 60. 3-point field goals: 4, (Heddinger, Sego 2, Johnson). Fouled out: none. 

Districts Round 1 Versus NEN

Tigers advance to Semi-Finals of Districts with a victory over Northeast Nodaway. They play this Thursday against Stanberry at West Nodaway. 7PM.  The Tigers will need to avoid foul trouble while slowing down Stanberry's inside game. The winner will advance to District Championships on Friday 3/2.

NEN 2 15 7 13 - 37

Worth County 11 15 16 16 - 58

NENWelch 6, Schulte 1, Burns 2, Patton 13, Jackson 3, Scroggie 1, Stoll 5, C. Schmitz 6. Totals: 14 8-18 37. 3-point field goals: 1, (Jackson). Fouled out: none.

Worth County Parman 8, Bryce Ross 18, G. Parman 2, Todd Harding 22, Troutwine 2, A. Mullock 2, J. Harding 2, E. Mullock 2. Totals: 22 12-18 58. 3-point field goals: 2, (Cole Parman 2). Fouled out: none.

1/27 VS Albany (L)

Foul trouble hinders WC.  With depth being an issue for the WC Tigers they struggled against the Warriors Friday night when Senior Eli Mullock played less than half of the game due to foul trouble. The tigers look to make a comeback in the conference this week against Maysville and Princeton.

Worth County 10 15 12 16 - 53

Albany 9 13 18 17 - 57

Worth County  Bryce Ross 16, Parmon 2, Todd Harding 19, Troutwine 5, A. Mullock 2, J. Harding 5, E. Mullock 4. Totals: 23 5-13 53. 3-point field goals: 2, (T. Harding, Troutwine). Fouled out: A. Mullock, E. Mullock.

Albany (7-10, 1-3 GRC)Rudy Sagun 15, Drew Cottrill 19, Bane 2, Humphrey 3, Wilmes 4, Paul 2, Tyler Lupfer 12. Totals: 18 18-26 57. 3-point field goals: 3, (Sagun, Cottrill 2). Fouled out: none.

1/23 VS N. Holt (W in OT)

Tigers defeat key district opponent in OT!

Worth County 8 13 17 11 11 - 60

Nodaway-Holt 13 9 19 8 7 - 56

Worth County (7-8)Todd Harding 34, Mullock 7, Troutwine 7, Ross 6, J. Harding 4, Parman 2. Totals: 23 12-18 60. 3-point field goals: 2, (Troutwine 2). Fouled out: none.

Nodaway-Holt (11-4)Zach Lemar 18, Brandon Saxton 16, Nick Patterson 12, Schniedermeyer 6, Dearmont 2. Totals: 21 11-17 56. 3-point field goals: 3, (Lamar 2, Patterson). Fouled out: Saxton.

1/11/12 Versus South Nodaway

Despite being being down with injuries the Tigers were able to come from behind and win over South Nodaway Wednesday night on a buzzer beater by Eli Mullock.  The Tigers will face off for the second time this season against North Andrew for the consolation trophy.

Worth County 6 11 15 15 - 47

South Nodaway 10 8 11 15 - 44

Worth County  Cole Parman 10, Bryce Ross 16, Troutwine 6, Harding 4, Eli Mullock 11. Totals: 19 4-10 47. 3-point field goals: 5, (Parman 2, Troutwine 2, Mullock). Fouled out: none.

South Nodaway  Hildenbeck 4, Coleman 2, Burden 9, Bloom 2, Dakota Murphy 12, Heath 1, Silas Nielson 14. Totals: 19 4-12 44. 3-point field goals: 1, (Burden). Fouled out: none. 

1/10/12 Versus Mound City Stanberry Tourney (L)

Worth County 11 2 4 2 - 19

Mound City 15 11 18 4 - 47

Worth CountyRoss 4, Parman 4, T. Harding 3, J. Harding 4, Mullock 4. Totals: 9 0-0 19. 3-point field goals: 1, (T. Harding). Fouled out: none.

Mound CityMarrs 2, Wilson 2, Luna 4, Newcomb 3, Jeff Atkins 15, Lucas Schawang 20, Walker 1. Totals: 19 3-8 47. 3-point field goals: 6, (Atkins 3, Schawang 3). Fouled out: none.

1/6/12 Versus Gallatin (L) 

Shooting woes defeat Worth County.

At Grant City, Mo.Gallatin 7 8 10 15 - 40

Worth County 6 6 10 9 - 31

GallatinPre. Turley 9, Boyd 3, D. Lin 9, D. Daniel 9, Tompkins 6, Hunt 2. Totals: 20 3-9 40. 3-point field goals: 3, (Pre. Turley 3). Fouled out: none.

Worth County (5-3)Parman 8, Bryce Ross 10, T. Harding 4, A. Mullock 2, J. Harding 2, E. Mullock 5. Totals: 12 5-9 31. 3-point field goals: 2, (Parman). Fouled out: none.

1/3/12 Versus NEN (W)

Worth county 68, Northeast Nodaway 46 At Grant City, Mo.

Northeast Nodaway 12 12 14 8 - 46

Worth County 27 16 7 18 - 68

NEN: Welch 4, Wiederholt 4, Schulte 4, Aaron Patton 13, Scroggle 6, Schmitz 2, K. Stoll 11, T. Schmitz 2. Totals: 21 3-8 46. 3-point field goals: 1, (Schulte). Fouled out: none.

Worth CountyParman 6, Bryce Ross 26, Parman 2, Todd Harding 15, Troutwine 2, Jordan Harding 10, Mullock 7. Totals: 30 2-5 68. 3-point field goals: 4, (Parman 2, Harding 1, Mullock). Fouled out: none.

North Nodaway at Hopkins - (12/6/2011)

Worth County moved to 3-1 on the season with a victory over North Nodaway on Tuesday.  The Tigers got off to an early lead and were able to keep a comfortable margin for the length of the game.  The home season will open up Friday against West Nodaway with a full JV boys game, followed by varsity girls and boys action.

Albany at Albany Tournament - 3rd Place Game (12/3/2011)

The Tigers defeated Albany for third place in the Albany tournament.  The Tigers moved to 2-1 on the short season.  The Tigers held the lead at the end of every quarter and held a double digit lead late in the fourth quarter.  The Warriors were able to climb back, but not far enough.  Worth County will face North Nodaway (Tuesday) and West Nodaway (Friday) next week.

Polo at Albany Tournament (11/30/2011)

Worth County opened up the game with a lead over Polo, but fell to the Panthers by a score of 53-55.  The Tigers were able to overcome a 9 point halftime deficit to take the lead late in the fourth quarter, but were unable to keep the lead.  WC will face Albany for third place in the tournament on Saturday.

Princeton at Albany Tournament (11/29/2011)

The Tigers defeated Princeton to open up the 2011-2012 campaign by a 12 point margin.  Worth County opened up a 20+ point lead in the first half and kept a comfortable margin to win their season opener.

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