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October 14, 2014
Worth County High School

2014 Lady Tiger Golf News

9/29 Districts Taylor Causey, Dora Martz, and Kaitlyn Davidson played on Moila Golf Course. They were unable to advance.

9/22 GRC Match The Lady Tigers placed Sixth. Taylor Causey and Dora Martz were the top golfers for Worth County.
9/17 Grant City The Lady tigers played Rockport and lost by 3 strokes Taylor Causey was a medalist and Dora Martz placed third overall

9/16 Bethany  Taylor Causey shot a 49 and was a runner up medalist.

9/15 Albany Taylor Causey and Dora Martz placed 7th, while Alysa Lyle and Kaitlyn Davidson were paired to shoot a 127.

9/9 Gallatin: The Tigers Placed 22nd with a score of 126 for 18 holes.

9/2 Stanberry: The Lady Tigers could not score as a team and Dora Martz had the lowest score.

8/28 Albany: The Lady Tigers could not score as a team.

8/25 Stanberry:The Lady Tigers took home third on August 25th.


2013 Lady Tiger Golf News

 On Monday, October 15 the Lady Tiger Golf Team traveled to Smithville as they competed in sectionals on two of the girl made it Taylor Causey and kaitlyn Davidson they both tried there best just came up short on making it to state.


On Thursday, September 5 the Lady Tiger Golf team traveled to the Bethany Country Club where they played against South Harrison and Braymer. The Lady Tigers came out of the match with a win over Braymer, but placing second behind South Harrison. The golf team again lowered their team total score by 26 strokes over last week's match at Stanberry. 


The Lady Tiger Golf team had a busy week! On Tuesday, September 10th, they traveled to Albany where they placed third as a team. Kaitlyn Davidson broke into the 50s for the first time this year!  Taylor Causey, Dora Martz, Tess Andrews and Erin Colvin all had solid scores in the mid to low 60s. Wednesday the Lady Tigers found success at Mozingo, with a win over Rock Port and West Nodaway! Taylor Causey came away as medalist and Kaitlyn Davidson was runner-up medalist for the match. Thursday evening the Lady Tigers traveled to Gallatin. They placed third, but they again dropped 16 strokes over the match at Albany with a team score of 233. Coach Borey was very pleased with the team's performance and great improvement they have shown since the beginning of the year. Taylor Causey was third high individual with a 49 and Kaitlyn Davidson tied for 4th high individual with a 53.  Tess Andrews, Dora Martz and Erin Colvin's scores have improved each time out as they get more practice and golf course play.


Next week the Lady Tigers travel to Gallatin on Tuesday for an all day tournament and then on Wednesday, they host West Nodaway and Rock Port at home. 

September 4th - 5th

The Lady Tiger golf team has had two golf meets since their last meet at Stanberry. The golf girls shaved another 20 strokes off their total score on September 5th. They shot a 292 on August 28th, then a 284 on September 4th, and a 260 September 5th. They are getting better each meet.

Stanberry August 28th:

The Lady Tiger golf team participated in their first golf match of the season on a tough, dry Stanberry golf course. For three golfers, this was their first match of their golfing careers, Kaitlyn Davidson, junior; Dora Martz, freshman and Erin Colvin, freshman; just started golfing late this summer. Although the Lady Tigers finished fourth as a team, there were some very bright spots which shows they have the potential to improve greatly as the year progresses and as they get more battle exeperience. Taylor Causey, junior and Tess Andrews, sophomore round out the remainder of the Lady Tiger golf team. They travel to Stanberry again on September 4th, followed by a match at Bethany on September 5th.

Girls golf is on its way. There are five girls on the golf team including, Taylor Causey, Kaitlyn Davidson, Tess Andrews, Dora Martz, and Erin Colvin. Their first meet is at Stanberry High School on August 28th.


2012 Lady Tiger Golf News

Sectionals @ Mozingo in Maryville 10/8/12

Taylor Causey went to Mozingo yesterday, she played well and gave it her best but she didn't quite make it to State. The golf season is now over, congratulations girls on a great season!!

Districts @ Fair View in St. Joe 10/2/12

Taylor Causey went to districts on Tuesday and is going on to sectionals. Taylor played at the Fair View golf course in St. Joe last Tuesday and will be playing at the Mozingo Golf Course in Maryville next Monday. She is working hard and it is really showing. There is still room for improvement but so far she is doing exceptionally well.

Maysville 9/20/12; Albany 9/24/12

The lady tigers struggled a litte bit last Thursday and Monday. On Thursday they went to Maysville and on Monday they went to Albany for the conference golf meet. The girls will continue to practice hard and hopefully continue to improve as well. Mrs. Borey, "We had some excellent holes and then some that weren't so good. We will work on being more consistent! Greatly enjoy working with my girls"

Albany 9/17/12

The Lady Tigers played at a tournament for the best ball in Albany. A few words from Mrs. Borey, "Tess and Adrian played together and shot a 119 total for 18 holes. Taylor partnered with an Albany girl, Savannah Gully, and they shot a 114. The girls had a fun day golfing!"

Worth County 9/12/12

The girls played at home on Wednesday. They did really well. Mrs. Borey said that, "All the girls impoved again this match. Taylor shot a 50 and was runner-up medalist. Adrian shot a 54 and Tess a 60. Great Job!" Congrats ladies, you did well.

West Nodaway @ Mozingo 9/10/12

The West Nodaway golf meet was cancelled because they don't have a golf team.

Albany 9/4/12

The golf girls went to Albany yesterday. They held pretty steady from last week. Taylor placed sixth overall and Adrian was right behind her with an overall placing of seventh. "We still have some fine tuning to do but i feel we are making progress every time we go out on the course," Mrs. Borey said.

Bethany 8/30/12

The golf girls continue to get even better at Bethany. Taylor had a score of 58, Adrian had a score of 62, and Tess got a 66. Mrs. Borey says, "Everyone cut more strokes off!" With a little more practice and experience from meets they should continue to progress and do even better in the next golf meets.

Stanberry 8/29/12

The girls went to Stanberry yesterday. They have improved since there last golf meet. Tess shaved off six strokes since last Wednesday. Adrian improved by four strokes and Taylor is staying steady. The girls are doing good and will most likely keep improving and working hard.

Stanberry 8/22/12

The golf girls went to Stanberry on Wednesday and did well. Mrs. Borey gave a little insight on how things went, "The girls did well for the first time out. Taylor Causey placed 4th over all. Adrian and Tess had some great shots! We look forward to returning to Stanberry next week." Mrs. Borey was not able to release any scores however because there are only three people on the roster and there needs to be four to score. Overall the girls did good and will hopefully progress and do even better in future games.

Lady Golf Prior to First Meet

The first lady tiger golf meet is coming up quick. Mrs. Borey and the golf girls (Taylor Causey, Adrian Fletchall, and Tess Andrews) have been practicing hard and are hoping to do well at Stanberry this Wednesday at 4 p.m. Mrs. Borey said that the girls have been working hard and improving their skills for the upcoming meets.












2011 Golf Season Blogs

Results on Sectional Golf Meet @ Kirksville

Yesterday at the sectional golf meet, Carli Jackson shot a 118. Unfortunately, the cut off to advance to state was a 108. Congratulations on an outstanding year Carli!!!

Sectional Golf Meet @ Kirksville

Carli Jackson and Coach Janice Borey will be leaving tomorrow morning to head to Kirksville, MO for the sectional golf meet. In the afternoon, there will be a practice round so they can get a feel on how the course will be. The next day, she will be competing against two other districts that qualified. Good Luck Carli!!!


At the district golf meet yesterday, Carli Jackson shot a 104 and qualified for sectionals, placing 9th overall. Sectionals this year will be in Kirksville on October 5th. Good Luck Carli!!!

GRC MEET (09/27/11)   The Lady Tiger golf team traveled to Stanberry for the GRC meet. Carli placed 10th and shot a 124.  Taylor shot a 144. The Lady Tigers compete in districts tomorrow at Mozingo! Good Luck!

(9/23/11) The Lady Tiger golf team traveled to Maysville yesterday, where Carli won medalist and shot a 46. Taylor and Sheena didn't place in the top 10, but they are still working there hardest and trying their best to start counting toward the Tiger Team score. Good luck at the GRC meet Monday!

(9/21/11) Yesterday, the girls golf team traveled to Mozingo where they played in a two person best shot against Northeast Nodaway.  Carli and Taylor played 9 holes altogether and shot a 49. Overall, it was really good practice for them and Mrs. Borey said she hoped it would help them get ready for districts.

(9/20/11) Yesterday, at the Albany Best Shot Tourney the girls golf members paired up with one another to shoot their best. Carli and Taylor were partners and together they shot a 98 and recieved 9th place. Sheena paired up with Savannah Gully from Albany and together they shot a 137. Altogether, they played 18 holes and did very good. Also, congratulations to Carli Jackson on recieving St. Joe Athlete of the week, we appreciate all those who voted! Good luck today at Northeast Nodaway!

(9/15/11) On their home golf course yesterday in Grant City, each one of the girls golf members did an outstanding job. Carli won medalist and shot a 44, while Taylor and Sheena shot their best score this year with Taylor shooting a 66 and Sheena shooting a 61. Carli is still up for St. Joe athlete of the week and there's only a couple days left, so please get on there and vote. Their next meet is Monday September 19th at Albany. Good luck!!!


(9/12/11) Carli Jackson is up for St. Joe Athlete of the week. If you could get on there and vote for her she would really appreciate it. She earned medialist honors in dual against Northeast Nodaway beating state-qualifier Michelle Schulte by two strokes. Below is a link where you can get on and vote for her. Good Luck Carli!!!http://www.newspressnow.com/surveypopup/athlete-of-the-week/29152843/detail.html

(9/9/11) Last night, the girls golf team traveled to Maryville where they went to the Mozingo Golf Course. Carli Jackson is on a roll and won first place medalist for the third time this year. Taylor and Sheena didn't place in the top ten, but they are getting better everyday with more practice. Good luck next Wednesday on your home course!

(9/7/11) Yesterday, the Lady Tiger Golf team traveled to Albany. While at Albany, Carli Jackson won first place medalist. Taylor Causey shot a 65 and Sheena Fletchall shot a 72. Kaylee is still working on her stroke and hopes to be out on the course as soon as possible helping her tiger team come to a victory. Good Luck at Northeast Nodaway Thursday!

(9/6/11) The girls golf team last Wednesday traveled to Stanberry. At Stanberry, Carli Jackson won first place and recieved medalist. Sheena, Taylor, and Kaylee are still working their hardest and improving their stroke. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks they can each get enough practice to start counting toward the Tiger Team score. Good Luck at Albany today!

(8/25/11) The girls golf team the last couple of days has traveled to Albany and Stanberry. At Albany, Carli Jackson was a runner up and shot a 53. At Stanberry, Carli won first place and shot a 49. The other team members are still working hard and improving their golfing skills. Good luck on your next match!

Girls golf practice has started. They have 4 members out this year including: Carli Jackson, Sheena Fletchall, Kaylee Sherer, and Taylor Causey. Carli and Sheena are  looking forward to their senior year and we all hope they go far and do well.

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