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October 21, 2013
Worth County High School

2013 Lady Tiger Softball News

2013 Season

DISTRICT PLAY Worth County vs. Stanberry 10/10

The Lady Tigers traveled to Jefferson again to play the Stanberry Bulldogs. The Tigers didnt let them score a bunch through the 4th inning. It was 0-3 in the fourth then the Tigers scored in one run. The Bulldogs got a big lead in the 6th inning making the score 1-7. The Tigers kept their heads up through the whole game, but in the end the Tigers lost 1-7. 

DISTRICT PLAY Worth County vs. NEN 10/9 4:30

The lady tigers will travel to Jefferson to face NEN in the first round of districts.  The lady Tigers recently defeated the BlueJays in extra innings a week ago.  Come out and cheer them on!

The Worth County Tigers played the Lady Bluejays for their first round of districts. In the first inning, the Tigers scored 11 runs. The Bluejays didnt let their heads down after that though. In the middle of the game, the score was tied 11-11. The Lady Tigers pulled ahead in the last two innings. The Tigers won 13-11.

Worth County vs. North Andrew 10/7

The Lady Tigers traveled to North Andrew to finish off their regular season before Districts this Wednesday. The Tigers stayed with North Andrew for awhile, then Rikky Hunt pitcher was pulled for an injury. The Cardinals then were able to pull away.Coach Dave was very happy for how well we played and stayed with them even though we lost with a score of 0-10.

Worth County vs. Braymer 10/3

Braymer traveled to Worth County to challenge the Tigers on their senior night. Even though the Tigers had just played a game before, they did not give up. They pushed through their tiredness and pulled off a win. The score was 26-21.

Northeast Nodaway 10/3

The Lady Tigers played the bluejays for their senior night. It was a tough game and went into an extra inning. The Tigers were determined to beat the Bluejays and pull off a win for senior night. After the 8th inning, the Lady Tigers ended up winning 8-7.

Worth County vs. Princeton 10/1

The Lady Tigers traveled to Princeton. It was a very close game. The Tigers never gave up and played a very good game. After the 8th inning, the Tigers pulled off a win with the score 4-3.

Worth County vs. South Nodaway 9/30

The Lady Tigers played South Nodaway lastnight. The girls were ahead by one during the 4-6th innings, but then bases were loaded for Barnard and they scored bringing the score 2-3.

Worth County vs. Gallatin 9/18

The Lady Tigers played at Gallatin. They played a tough game but ended up losing. The score was 0-17.

Worth County vs. Jefferson 9/16

The Lady Tigers traveled to Jefferson to play the Eagles. The Tigers had a rough game. They struggled on their hits and couldn't get the runners on base. The end score was 1-21.

King City Tournament 9/14

King City was the first team that the Tigers played. The Lady Tigers held the Wildcats at 2 points until the 3rd inning. It was a good game but the Tigers ended up losing. Next the next team they played was Barnard Longhorns. The Tigers won and ended up getting 3rd place at the tournament.  

Worth County vs. Polo 9/10

The Tigers played Polo on Tuesday. They held the Panthers until the 3rd inning. The Lady Tigers started hitting people in during the 7th inning to get the score to 3-4. Although there were some bad calls the Lady Tigers kept pushing to get a win. In the end the lady tigers lost 3-4.

Albany Tournament 9/7

The Lady Tigers played King City for their first game. Since there are 20 girls on the team, JV got to play that game. The score was 0-10 and the Wildcats won. The next game the Tigers played was against Eagleville. Eagleville won 14-6. The last game was against Albany. The Tigers tried hard but couldn't come up with a win. Albany won with a score of 7-8. 


Worth County vs. Stanberry 9/5

On September 5th, the Lady Tigers played the Stanberry Bulldogs. It was a really tough game. The Tigers tried their hardest but could not pull off the win. The score was 10-0. Even though the game was rough, the Tigers aren't going to let that game effect them. They are practicing and getting ready for the tournament this weekend.

Worth County vs. Bethany 9/3

The Worth County Lady Tigers played the Bethany Bulldogs at 5:30 on September 3rd. The game was very close. In the 5th inning, the score was 1-3 with the Bulldogs ahead. The Lady Tigers never gave up though. The Bulldogs couldn't stop the Tigers after the 5th inning. The end score was 5-4 with the Lady Tigers winning. That is the first conference win for the season. 

Worth County vs. North Nodaway 8/29

Lady Tigers played against North Nodaway on August 29th. In the first three innings the Tigers kept the Mustangs from scoring. Even though the girls were very nervous they held it together and played as a team. In the end, the Tigers won 17-6.


The Lady Tigers played two games at Bethany. Both games were four innings and they were against Eagleville and Bethany. Coach Dave switched girls in and out throughout both games. They have all definitely improved since the first day of practice. The girls played two great games but didn't end up winning either game.

Starting The Season

There are 21 girls going out for softball. They have all been practicing extremely hard to prepare for the softball Jamboree that will be held on Tuesday, August 27th


2012 Stories Below

All Conference Team

Congratulations to Rebecca Moore and Haven Schottle for making All District Team Conference!


vs. Stanberry

The Tigers played their second round of districts against Stanberry. The Tigers held the game close in the first couple innings where Stanberry scored 4. The Tigers tried to score, but couldn't get many base runners. Stanberry kept scoring a little each innings, but in the 6th inning they scored 4 which run ruled the game and ended. 10-0 was the final score between Stanberry and Worth County. The Lady tigers will lose 6 seniors, Rebecca Moore, Sidney Davenport, Kacey Smyser, Kali Cameron, Haven Schottle, and Shannon White.

vs. South Nodaway

Districts are held at Stanberry. The Tigers took on South Nodaway for the first round of districts. Up until the 4th inning, the scores were tied 0-0. The Tigers finally came up and scored three. Nothing stopped the Tiger defense and South Nodaway only scored one in the 5th inning. The Lady Tigers take the win for the first round of districts, 3-1. They will play Stanberry Thursday night at 4:30.

Senior Night- Worth County vs. North Andrew

The Lady Tigers played their last home game before districts. North Andrew had good hits which lead them to score the first few innings leaving the Tigers at zero. Finally the Tigers scored two, but wasn't enough to win. North Andrew kept on hitting well and with the Tigers errors they scored a few more. The final score was 14-4

Worth County vs. Braymer

The Tigers went down to Braymer Friday night and won 25-8. The Tigers played a great game and had good hits and a quick defense. The game was over in the 5th inning.

Worth County vs. Ravenwood

The Lady Tigers played Ravenwood on their senior night. The Tigers played a great game and took them a little bit to get big numbers on the score board. Ravenwood caught up with a couple good hits to the outfield. The Lady Tigers finished Ravenwood off with the final score 14-6

Worth County vs. Princeton

The Lady Tigers lost by 1, 13-12. The Tigers took the lead throughout the game until the 5th inning where we walked a few batters and with an error Princeton caught. The Tigers battled but couldn't get the extra runs to tie or win the game.

Worth County vs. South Nodaway

The Tigers played a good game against South Nodaway. The Lady Tigers played good defense throughout the whole game. For the first 3 innings the score stayed 0-0. The Tigers got up first with 1 score, then South Nodaway scored 1 also. With some smart base-runners and a few good base hits, the Tigers scored 4 staying up on the Longhorns. With an error on the Tiger defense, the Longhorns scored 2. The score stayed close, 3-4. By the bottom of the 6th inning, the score remained tied 6-6. The Tigers only had to score 1 to end the game with a win. Rikky Hunt scored the winning run, Tigers 7, Longhorns 6.

Worth County vs. Maysville

The Tigers played a good few innings when they went to Maysville. Maysville had some good hitters and smart base-runners. The Tigers had a pretty fair playing defense but couldn't really get the batters up and going. The Tigers battled, but couldn't get through with the score 15-0.

Worth County vs. King City

The Tigers struggled playing against King City. King City scored nine in the first inning. The Tigers were not able to score until the end of the game, where they scored one. King City was only able to score a few more leaving the final score 14-2.

Worth County vs. Gallatin

The Tigers took on Gallatin and played their hardest but couldn't finish it out. The Tigers had some errors and Gallatin had smart base-runners and scored. The final score was 14-0. The Tigers tried their hardest and will be ready to face them next year!

Worth County vs. Jefferson

The Tigers had a rough game against Jefferson. The Lady Tigers had their first inning jitters and Jefferson scored a big amount in the first inning. The Tigers struggled at bat and couldn't get their runners around to score. The final score was 0-15.

King City Tournament

The Tigers went down to King City Saturday afternoon and played Gallatin for their first game. Gallatin came prepared and hit the ball very well. The Tigers battled but couldn't keep up, losing their first game. The Tigers played Barnard their second game and lost by 1. The game was close and was 3-4 (Tigers). There was 2 minutes left into the game and Barnard scored on error from the Tigers.

Lady Tigers Dominate Albany Warriors

The Tigers went home with a win last night when they went to Albany. The Tigers got ahead early on the board with 2 and Albany started off with 2 also. The Tigers didn't give up and kept on scoring. By the end of the night, Albany only scored 4 with a couple errors played by the Tiger defense. The Tigers scored every inning and 10 ruled the Warriors by the 5th inning leaving the final score, Tigers 17 - Albany 4.

Worth County vs. Polo

The Tigers lost their conference game against Polo. Defensivly, the Tigers had a strong defense with a few errors that let the Panthers score. The Tigers struggled with the bats but, finally had some base runners and scored 2. The Panthers had some good hits allowing them to get ahead of the Tigers, leaving the final score 8-2.

Worth County vs. Stanberry

The Tigers took on Stanberry and played a good game. The first inning, Kacey Smyser struggled with pitching and walked most of the Stanberry team. Stanberry scored one and the game stayed at 1-0 till the 4th inning. The Lady Tigers caught up and scored three runs. The Tigers were up and made some errors on defense. Stanberry scored four more runs leaving the 5th inning 5-3. In the end, the Lady Tigers scored two more runs and with a couple more errors, Stanberry scored two runs leaving the game, Stanberry 7, Tigers 5.

Tigers @ South Harrison

 The South Harrison Bulldogs beat the Lady Tigers 9-2. The Tigers played the Bulldogs better than last year. Both teams were held 0-0 in the 5th inning. By the 6th inning the Lady Tigers were up 0-2 and went out to play defense with quite a few errors and the Bulldogs scored 9. With a chance to bat for the last time, the Tigers couldn't score anymore leaving the score, 9-2.

Albany Tournament

The Lady Tigers took on Albany for their first game in the Albany Tournament. The Tigers had the bases loaded twice but couldn't get their runners in. Albany took the first game with the score 6-3. The second game, the Tigers took on Eagleville. With some good hits and smart base runners, the Tigers won 11-10. The Tigers took on Stanberry for their last game. The Tigers started their Varsity players for the first couple innings but, with having 21 girls on the team, coach put in the JV. The score was Stanberry 14, Tigers 1. The Tigers placed 4th, which leaves their starting season record, 2-2.

Worth County Takes The First Win of The Season!

The Lady Tigers had their first game last night. They took on the North Nodaway Mustangs with a sketchy beginning. In the first innning the score was 4-2 with the Mustangs taking the lead. The Tigers had a few errors for the first couple innings but, kept battling when the Mustangs had 6 runs by the 3rd inning. The Tigers finally scored their 4th run by the 4th inning and it was 6-4. The Mustangs scored another 2 runs in the 5th inning leaving the score 8-4. The Lady Tigers went up to bat and ended up scoring 13 more runs in leaving the score 17-8. In between the batting, Haven Schottel had a homerun by bunting. When the Mustangs couldn't get the ball past the Tiger defense, the final score ended up being 17-8. The first win of the season for the Lady Tigers!!

Softball Girls Hitting the Practice Field - First Home Game August 23rd

The Lady Tigers started practice August 8th and have been working hard towards their first game at home on August 23rd. The game will start at 5:00 p.m followed by the JV. The team has six seniors, four juniors, five sophomores, and six freshmen. Come out and support the softball team as they hope to have a successful year!








2011 Softball Blogs

2nd Team All-Conference

Junior catcher Rebecca Moore was named to the GRC 2nd All-Conference team.  Congrats Rebecca!

DISTRICTS @ Stanberry

Worth County lady tigers played North Harrison lady Shamrocks on October 5 at Stanberry in the first round of district play.  The Tigers got off to a good start up 1-0 in the first inning.  After some back and forth innings the score was still close until a left-hander for the Shamrocks hit a 3 run homerun over the fence.  The Tigers were down 8-3 in the top of the 7th and battled back but not it was still not enough making the final score 8-6.  The Lady Tigers finsihed the year with one win.  The team will lose two seniors Paige McPike and Alexis Hawk.

Round 1 District Play: Versus Eagleville 6:00PM

7th seed Worth County Tigers to face 3rd seed Lady Shamrocks of North Harrison Wednesday night @ Stanberry in district play. 

Worth County @ North Andrew

Worth County played their last regular season game at North Andrew on October 3 at 6:30 P.M. The girls came out fighting and maintained a lead until late in the fifth inning.  Again, our opponents were able to capitalize on defensive errors and scored 7 runs to finish the game with a final score of 10-3.  The Lady Tigers are the 7th seed in district play, starting this Wednesday.

NEN @ Worth County

On Septemeber 29, the Worth County tigers were finally able to get a win. The tigers came out strong in the inning, getting ahead of the bluejays 8-0. In the second inning the tigers scored 5 more making the score 13-0. In the top of the third inning the tigers had some trouble getting outs, but they were able to come out strong in the bottom of the third, scoring seven. The final score was 20-5. The tiger play Monday at North Andrew.

Bethany @ Worth County

Worth County softball girls played at home on Septemeber 28 at 5:30. The girls came out plaung good hard deffense. They had many good hits and were making contact with the ball, but they weren't going into play. The tigers held the Bulldogs 0-0 till the 5 inning. The bulldogs scored 2 leaving the final score 2-0 bulldogs winning.

Worth County @ Princeton

Worth County lady tigers played Princeton tigers on Septemeber 27 at 5:30. The girls came out playing good defense in the first inning holding Princton 1-0. The score stayed 1-0 until the fifth inning which ended 2-2. The girls came up swinging next inning making good hits getting several on base but were only able to score one run. In the bottom of the 6th inning Princeton rallied to score 8 runs making the final score 10-3. The girls had too many defensive mistakes that they are hoping to correct before districts.

Worth County @ South Nodaway

Worth County softball girls played the South Nodaway on September 26 at 5:00 P.M. The Lady Tigers played one of their better games of the season.  Leading late in the game up 7-5 however in the 6th inning the Lady Longhorns were able to rally and scored 9 runs.  The Lady Tigers were unable to add to their score finishing the game with a final score of 7-14.  The final home game of the year (and Senior night) will be this Thursday versus Northeast Nodaway with a Junior High and Varsity double header. 

Maysville @ Worth County

Worth County softball girls played King CIty on Setemeber 23 at 5:30 P.M. The girls came out playing good defense holding the Wolverines 1 - 0 till the secound inning. The girls had some good hits but weren't able to bring the base runners home. leaving the final score 16-1.

Worth County @ King City

Worth County softball girls played King City on Septemebr 20 at 5:30 P.M. The girls came out swinging making contact with the ball but they weren't bring there base runners home. They had some good plays made. All together the lady tigers would like to improve on thier hittng for next game coming up.

Worth County @ Gallatin

Worth County played Gallatin on September 13 at 5:30 P.M. The girls had good defense and were stoping what came to them, but again they weren't having very good hits. The girls are wanting to improve on their hitting and bringing thier base runners in.

Jefferson @ Worth County

Worth County softball girls played Jefferson on September 13 at 6:00 P.M. The girls had a few good hits, but over all Jefferson capitalized on our errors leaving the score Jefferson 21-Worth County 1.

King City invataional tourney

On Septemeber 10 the lady tigers played in a tourney at King City. Their first game was at 1:00 against King City. They played hard defense, had some good hits but again they weren't bringing base runners home. The final score was King City 11 - Worth County 1. Their secound game was at 4:00 against South Nodaway. The girls came how swinging and scoring more than last game. They had a few errors on defense they would like to work on. The final score was South Nodaway 9 - Worth County 3. 

Albany @ WC

Worth County softball girls play the Albany Warriors on Septemeber 8 at 5:30. The girls played a really well fought game. They were up on their feet ready to go making good defensive plays. However on offense the girls left each other stranded on bases, not making very many runs. The girls are going to be working on were to be putting down the ball while hitting. This leaving the final score Warriors 10 - Tigers 3.  

WC @ Polo

On Septmeber 6 the Worth County softball girls played aginst Polo at 5:30p.m. The girls came out swinging, scoring three runs in the first inning. They held the Polo three to zero till the third inning, score was now three to three. The girls fought hard and kept the game tied up till the six inning, when Polo came in with to more runs winning the game by two.

WC @ Stanberry

Worth County softball girls played Stanberry at 5:30 thrusday night. The girls played a really good game against Stanberry holdig them 0 and 0 till begining of the 4 inning. Their looking to improve on their hitting for the next game against Polo.The final score ended up being Worth County 1 and Stanberry 7.

Albany invatational tournament 8/27

Worth County softball girls played in the tournament at albany. Their first game was at 9 a.m. against Stanberry. The secound game was at 11 a.m. against Gallintin, an dthe  girl's last game was at 3 p.m. against North Harrison. In all three games the girls came out ready to play. On offence they came out swinging and make good hits. They also had really good, hard, aggressive deffence. All together the girl's improved alot from their last. 

WC @ North Nodaway 8/25

Worth County softball girls played at North Nodaway on August 25. Being the girl's first game they were all really nervous. The first couple of innings they didn't come out scoring as much as they wanted, but when they got closer to the end they stared making hits and moving each other around the bases. For the next game the next game coming this Saturday, the girls would like to improve on thier defensive playing. The final score ended up being North Nodaway 16 - Worth County 6.

Practice Starts Up

There are 17 girls going out for softball. They all have been working really hard at practice getting ready for their first game, which was supposed to be on August 22nd but got rained out.

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