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Wrestling, Pep Band, Poms, Cheerleaders, Managers, and Boys Basketball Recognized

February 24, 2011
By Debbie Bavery of Warsaw High School

The West Hancock Titan Boys Basketball Players, Wrestlers, Cheerleaders, Poms, and Pep Band Members along with their parents were recognized immediately following the JV game on Thursday, February 17th in the Warsaw High School Gymnasium. They were as follows:

Dylan Bolton Parents Douglas and Melissa Bolton Wrestling (3) Years
Nathaniel Kerr Parents Victor and Rita Kerr Wrestling (4) Years
Kodie Schilson Parents Tom and Shelly Schilson Wrestling (4) Years
Tyler Schilson Parents Tim and Kim Schilson Wrestling (4) Years
Maria Briggs Parents Bill and Debra Briggs Pep Band (4) Years
Quentin Clark Parents James T. clark and Lena Davis Pep Band (3) Years
Dylan Getz Parents Trisha And Steve Getz Pep Band (4) Years
Carly Hamilton Parents Regina Howel, Curtis Hamilton Pep Band (4) Years
Megan Harrison Parents John and Teresa Harrison Pep Band (4) Years
Cory Kendall Parents Tom and Candi Kendall Pep Band (4) Years
Kayla Lowman Parents Richard and Christine Lowman Pep Band (4) Years
Kathlina Reinig Parents Mark Reinig and Terri Jo Irvin Pep Band (1) Year
Tim Sanders Parents Cindy and Dan Sanders Pep Band (4) Years
Luke Schwan Parents John and Sandy Schwan Pep Band (4) Years
Eli Smith Parents Joe and Jennifer Smith Pep Band (1) Year
Natasha Stout Parents Brock and Julie Stout Pep Band (1) Year
Allison Berquam Parents Gary and Candy Berquam Poms (3) Years
Alicia Sewell Parents Don and Tammy Sewell Poms (2) Years
Cortney Steffensmeier Parents Leigh Ann and Steve PfeiferlingPoms (4) Years
Kristen Summers Parents Bruce and Debbie Summers Poms (4) Years
Stephie Woodruff Parents Steven Woodruff and Patricia Vickers Poms (4) Years
Jenna Soup Parents Fred and Eileen Shoup Cheerleading (2) Years
Larissa Carvalho Host Parents Marty and Jamie Steen Cheer Mgr. (1) Year
Jo Baudoux Host Parents Marty and Jamie Steen BBall Mgr.  (1) Year
JaRee Espinoza Parents Alex and Angie Espinoza BBall Mgr.  (1) Year
Austin Boyer Parents Brian and Lori Boyer BBall (4) Years
Nate Parker Parents Melissa and Scott Parker BBall (4) Years
Seth Pinkston Parents Sandy and Reno Pinkston BBall (4) Years
Mac Schlicher Parents Jenny and Steve Schlicher BBall (4) Years


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