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Changes To Football Coverage - Photos & Video

August 7, 2014
By Kevin McCloskey of Western Alamance High School

iHigh has changed its photo uploader and, to be perfectly honest, they have not worked out all of the kinks.  As a result, I have not been able to upload batches of photos of significant volume (any batch with more than 20 photos fails).  This simply will not do!  Football games routinely generate 200+ photos that we like to share!


As a result, we are only going to use iHigh to store a few photos from each game/event.  


The bulk of photos will be uploaded to Dropbox.com and will be made available to you via a link which I will place in a related iHigh article.  With Dropbox, you will be able to easily download individual photos and/or the entire gallery for your personal use.


Long story short...  When you only see a few photos in the iHigh photo gallery, DON'T PANIC!   Make sure you look for an article that is titled something like....  "Football:  PHOTOS from Cummings Game."

Another change...  Video highlights will first be uploaded to Youtube and, later, to iHigh.

Reason:  iHigh videos are not viewable on mobile devices such as iPhones; whereas the youtube videos are completely compatible with mobile devices.  I want to get the video to as many people as quickly as possible so will focus on the youtube video first.

Reminder....  Just like with the photos...  Make sure you look for an article entitled something like...  "Football:  VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS from Cummings Game."  This article will have the youtube link in it.  Eventually, I will also upload the video to iHigh.

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