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Football: Monday Morning Quarterback - N.Guilford 2012

October 28, 2012
By Kevin McCloskey of Western Alamance High School

I'm travelling this week and my time is limited.  So I'm going to give you the "abbreviated" version of MMQB this week.  I apologize for any typo's and if I forget to mention something important.







I said it Friday night and I'll said it again...  Even in defeat, I am VERY proud to be a Warrior!


That was just an incredible effort on Friday night.  Make no mistake about it...  NG is good; very, very good.  And we were right there with them until the bitter end.



Its a football cliche...  But if not for a couple of plays (namely, TJ Logan's 2 long TDs to open the game), WA could have very possibly upset the undefeated and 2-time defending state champions.  For 7/8's of this game, the Warriors were equal to (if not slightly better than) the Nighthawks.  It was just the opening half of Q1 that got WA in a hole they couldn't quite escape.


In a loss earlier this season to Rockingham County, it was "Death By A Thousand Cuts."  By that, I mean that the Cougars systematically beat us and wore us down with a series of 4/5/6 yard gains; over-and-over again.

With the Nighthawks, it was significantly different.  We would hold them in check many times over, but Logan would make a big play to score and/or give them a new set of downs. 


Here's an amazing stat (courtesy of the Times-News)...  Logan had 128 yards in his first 4 carries.   He finished with 228 on 34 carries.  So on his final 30 carries, he gained 100 yards.  That's an OUTSTANDING job by the Warrior defense.

Here are 2 more another amazing stats: 

  • Logan accounted for all but 37 yards of his teams total offense.
  • Northern Guilford completed only 1 pass in game and it went for negative 5 yards

I've been hearing that NG is not a "One Man Team" but it sure looked that way to me. 



I'm sick of talking about NG & Logan!  Lets focus on the Warriors!!


 MVP - DEFENSE!  ALL OF THEM!  And the coaches for their game planning. 


I can't name you all.  But if you took a single snap on defense on Friday evening, then I salute you.  You are my MVPs!!!!



"Its The Little Things Award" - Tough call.  Everyone gave extra effort in this game and did the little things right.  I'm going to give a "group award" this week and single-out the OL.  These guys did a FANTASTIC job. 


Jamie Billings along with the Senior Horses:

  • Josh Pitts
  • Charlie Harper
  • Cody Rice
  • Michael Bell

You guys are incredible!  You truly are a "TEAM" and exhibit a closeness & unity that it is rarely seen.  You are your own fraternity of brothers and I have sincerely enjoyed watching you play and getting to know you.


And, as I told your parents, if your football/college careers don't work out for some reason...  You can always go on tour as a group of comedians!  You guys crack me up!


But, seriously, lets make sure the football/college careers DO work out!   You all have a great future ahead of you.  Make the most of it!

 "Dah! Dah! Dah!" Highlights

  • Donovan 'YAC' Apple absolutely blows up a Nighthawk defender on the way to the endzone! 
  • Kyle Walker - Relentless pursuit of NG QB resulting in a big loss and almost fumble.
  • Brock Deatherage's electrifying 90-kickoff return that had all Warriors fans on their feet and screaming their heads off!

Dah! Dah!  Dah!:  LINK


Other shoutouts...

  • Neil Kernodle - I seriously think that this is the best game I have ever seen Neil play.  He was everywhere and just blowing people up.  Neil also recovered a crucial fumble during the game.
  • Dennis Neal - Dennis has been getting increasing PT along the DL in his senior season and has become a solid contributor.  Dennis had been making plays for the past several weeks and deserves some credit for his improvement and performance.
  • Kyle Walker - In possibly his final home game, Kyle came up big with a sack and a fumble recovery.
  • Dexter Brower - Through most of the season, Dexter has made some highlights with his knack for the big play.  But Dex has really matured as a football player and is becoming more than just a big play guy.  He's becoming a very good all-around defender!
  • TJ Harris - TJ is the master of backside pursuit.  He should apply for a job with the US Marshall's office because TJ WILL track you down!
  • Nigel Carlton - Leaders like Nigel only come around once in a very long time.  We have been priviliged to have this young man as part of the Warrior program over the past 4 years.  Nigel did a great job of running the offense on Friday evening against a truly outstanding Nighthawk defense.
  • Sam Foster - Sam plays 100% all the time. He was in on almost every tackle on Friday evening.
  • Coach Snuffer - With about a minute to go, Coach went to the fence and faced the crowd and "strongly suggested" that the Warrior fans continue cheering for this team because they played their hearts out and deserved it.  Kudos to Coach for recognizing the effort of his team! 

In closing...  As the final seconds ticked off the clock, the prevailing comment along the sideline was this...


"Great job!  Keep playing like this and you WILL get another shot at them!"


And it looks like that could happen in Round 3.


But first...  Round 1 @ Overhills this coming Friday.


WA destroyed Overhills in Round 1 of last year's playoffs.  But this year, the tables have turned and WA is the "underdog" and must make the close-to-2-hour bus ride to Spring Lake, NC.  Make sure you check out Josh Cranfill's scouting report on the Jaguars!


In 2012, WA has truly been a team of "Road Warriors" posting an undefeated record away from home.


My thought... The "underdog" Warriors take it to Overhills and live to play another day.


Survive and Advance Baby!  Its the only way!

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