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May 4, 2012
By Kevin McCloskey of Western Alamance High School

Attached photos courtesy of Mark Gregory


Live blogging of championship game updates @ McMichael.  Courtesy of Mark Gregory.


Top 1st

WA scores 3 runs on 3 hits:  3-0 WA

Dylan Murray coming to the mound for WA


Bottom 1st:

McM with 1 hit no runs

WA 3.  McM 0


Top 2nd:

Watson flies out to CF

Murray pop out to 2nd

Braedon Gorham double

Deatherage SO

Still WA 3-0


Bottom 2nd


Fly out

Grounder to 1st.  Out

3 up.  3 down

WA 3.  McM 0


Top 3rd

Smith ground out to short.

Huffman fly out

Kennedy SO

3 up.  3 down.

Still WA 3-0


Bottom 3rd

McM base hit

Fly out

Hit. 1 runs in.

Sacrafice.  Another run in.

Attempted steal.  Thrown out by Kennedy!

3 outs

WA 3.  McM 2



Top 4

Jay Carter - ground out

Foster SO

Watson SO

3 up.  3 down.

WA 3.  McM 2


Bottom 4

Fly out

Ground out to short stop


Still WA 3.  McM 2


Top 5

Nick Reynolds in to pinch hit

E4.  Reynolds on first.

Gorham bunt.  Out at 1st but advances Reynolds to 2nd.

Deatherage fly out to CF.

Overthrow to 2nd advances Reynolds to 3rd.

Smith fly out to LF

WA 3.  McM 2



Bottom 5

Murray still pitching.


Bunt to pitcher.  Thrown out @ 1st.

Hit.  Double.

Slow roller to 3rd.  Put out at 1st.  3 outs.

WA 3.  McM 2


Top 6

Huffman SO

Kennedy doubles to CF

Carter - pop out

Foster - Walks.  Runners on 1st & 2nd

Watson - SO

3 outs

WA 3.  McM 2


Bottom 6

Murry still pitching

McM leadoff with popup to "no mans land" - results in double.

Murray leaves game.  Phillip Miller on in relief.

Bunt to pitcher.  Overthrow to first.  Run scores.  Score tied @ 3-3.

Attempted bunt goes foul for 3rd strike.  1 out.

SO - 2 outs

Attempted steal.  Runner thrown out.  3 outs.

WA 3.  McM 3


Top 7

Miller - Ground out.

Gorham - SO

Deatherage - grounder to 2nd.  Beats throw.  Safe @ 1st.

Smith @ bat.

Passed ball by catcher.  Deatherage advances to 2nd.

Smith hits to the gap!  Double!  Deatherage scores!  WA 4.  McM 3.

Huffman hits down 1st base line.  Smith scores.  WA 5.  McM 3!

Overthrow @ 3rd!  Huffman scores!  WA 6.  McM 3!

Pitching change for McM.  2 outs.  Bases empty.  Kennedy @ bat for WA.

Fly out.  Inning over.  Big inning for WA.  WA 6.  McM 3.

LAST CHANCE FOR McMICHAEL.  Bottom of the 7th coming up.

Bottom 7

Miller on the mound for WA.

1st batter:  Strike out!

2nd batter:  Strike out!

3rd batter:  Strike out!


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