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Vintage Country Ways offers a rare an interesting look at the English countryside – brought you directly from the people who live and work there. It is a tranquil show that features the steam, the horsepower, the soil – as well as the toil! – and a rare look at that much-admired, persevering spirit of ingenuity that’s so closely associated with our bygone days.

Vintage Country Ways episodes have all been filmed, edited and narrated by "Eddie" a local lad who grew up in a Suffolk village in the 1950's/60's. Working on the farm and growing up among country folk, Eddie learned how to capture local flavors and develop unique story angles, which incorporate both historical elements and practical knowledge. With his wry and witty sense of rural humor, a trade mark of his productions, Eddie helps introduce you to the “old” ways with his “new” and endearing programs that you’ll find yourself tuning into again and again!

Vintage Country Ways features a number of heritage episodes such as “Working Horses,” “Steam on the Run,” “Working the Soil,” “On the Village Green,” and “The Way We Were” that gently help you to turn-back-the-clock and experience a way of life that moved at an entirely different pace from what we know today. Offering historical perspective and an in-depth look at the people, machines and animals that shaped our landscape … each of these carefully crafted episodes will take you a step back in time.

Whether you love that unique sound of the steam as it sizzles out of those big iron horses or continually marvel at the sight and power of the plough – pulled by either a dazzling red Massey Fergusson or Suffolk Punch … there’s a weekly episode that’s sure to please. If you have a hankering to spend some time at a nostalgic fair or just want to introduce your family to beautiful handmade crafts, lovingly cultivated food and that time-honored country way of life you cherish... Vintage Country Ways is your program.

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