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April 15, 2014
By Patti Harrell of Vardaman High School

Picnic Toys

     Five VHS seniors each brought a toy to the senior picnic last month. Of the seniors at the park, these five arrived 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, and 15th.  Their names are Grace, Jacob, Lori, Nicole, and Robert.  A ball, a Frisbee, a soaker water gun, a kite, and a bucket of water balloons are the five toys that they brought, which are each a different one of these five colors: blue, gold, red, silver, and white.  From the information given, determine each senior’s name, the time of his arrival, and the toy and its color that each one brought.

  1. The 6th to arrive and the 15th to arrive are the same gender and one brought something silver and the other brought the Frisbee.
  2. The bucket of water balloons and the kite are not blue or gold.
  3. Nicole is arrived before Robert but after the girl who brought the soaker.
  4. The girl who brought the kite arrived before Lori who arrived before the senior who brought the ball.
  5. The senior who brought the red toy arrived before the girl who brought the bucket of water balloons but after the girl who brought the blue toy.


Again, look for the graphic organizer in the documents section near the bottom of the home page.

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