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March 31, 2014
By Patti Harrell of Vardaman High School

County Fair

    The carnival was in town for the week and five friends spent many evenings there. They are two boys named Izzy and Leo, and three girls named Margarita, Raquel, and Yesenia.  They each had a favorite ride at the carnival: the dodgems, Ferris wheel, round-up, scrambler, or whip.  They also liked to spend time in the midway trying to win prizes at their favorite booths: baseball throw, darts, horse racing, ring toss, and sledge hammer.  From the information given, determine the favorite ride and midway attraction of each of the five friends.

  1. One boy likes throwing baseballs and the other boy likes riding the whip.
  2. The girl who likes the dodgems and the girl who likes the ring toss are not named Raquel.
  3. Izzy does not like the round-up and his favorite contest is not darts or the horse race.
  4. Yesenia is not the girl who likes the Ferris wheel or the girl who likes the scrambler and Yesenia’s favorite contest is not darts or ring toss.
  5. Margarita’s favorite ride is not the Ferris wheel.


Again, graphic organizers for all the puzzles may be found in the documents section located near the bottom of the home page. 

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