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March 27, 2014
By Patti Harrell of Vardaman High School

Long Trip

    In order to make good time during the long ride back to school from a computer competition, five friends traveling in the same car only made one stop, at which time they got gas, had lunch, and used the men’s room.  When they got back into the car, each young man, including the driver, took a seat different from the one he had occupied during the first half of the journey.  From the information given, determine where Aaron, Britten, Chase, Jonathan, and Joshua sat during the two halves of the journey.

  1. Only one of the five guys was in the front seat of the car for both halves of the trip.
  2. At the stop Jonathan switched from the back to the front and Aaron switched from the front to the back.
  3. Britten and Chase switched positions.
  4. The person who drove for the second half of the trip had been sitting in the center of the back for the first half of the trip at which time Chase was not sitting on his right.





Again, for the graphic organizer that accompanies this challenge, see the Documents section near the bottom of the home page.

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