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Class of 2014 Gets Measured

February 7, 2014
By Patti Harrell of Vardaman High School

The VHS Class of 2014 was measured for cap and gown sizing today. For those of us who have been with this class for the past six years, it's a poignant time. This class has passed through these halls with great promise and very little drama.  

The Class of 2014 laughed together when someone asked if Mexico was a state in Geography, when someone fell from a rolling chair World History, when several students scared the Driver's Ed teacher, and when a certain student thought that toilet waste flowed directly into the ocean.  They celebrated together during freshman year when the football team made it to the North Half and again last year when the Lady Ram basketball team did the same. (And we're hoping for a trip to Jackson, ladies - hint, hint!) And they have cried together over numerous individual challenges.

The Class of 2014 also banded together academically. They have consistently scored well in the Mississippi Subject Area Testing Program. Though they are competitive with their grades, the top scoring students continually help those who struggle, creating a feeling of team ownership in all grades.

Several members of the class have also impressed us with acts of selflessness. Some have quietly given up something they earned because it would mean more to another. Some notice when another feels awkward with an assignment and inspire that student with encouragement, partnership, and humor.  

In general, this is a class with no outsiders. They accept each other without judgment and without jealousy.  And so today, we are reminded to cherish every moment of the time remaining.

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