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Weekend Challenge

November 30, 2013
By Patti Harrell of Vardaman High School










LOGIC  PUZZLE:  (See the document with this title for an organizer.)


Senior Party

     Last weekend the VHS senior class had a party.  They drew names for a dance contest.  The male dancers were Cody, Donta, Faustino, Marc, and Shavon.  The females selected were Abby, Asha, Ashley, Desaray, and Kristen.  The selected couples named themselves the Amazing Acrobats, the Breaking Boppers, Controlled Chaos, the Dancing Duo, and the Exceptional Energetics.  From the clues given, determine not only the couples and their titles, but also the order in which they danced.

  1. When Abby danced, Marc had already performed, as had Controlled Chaos’ Faustino and the Breaking Boppers.
  2. Dancing Duo danced after the Exceptional Energetics but before Desaray.
  3. No dancer had the same initial as his/her group name.
  4. Neither Kristen nor the Amazing Acrobat female danced with Marc.
  5. Donta and Ashley danced together after Faustino and before Abby, but none of these people danced first.
  6. Shavon did not dance with Desaray.



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