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Friday's Challenge

November 29, 2013
By Patti Harrell of Vardaman High School










CRYPTOGRAM:  (NO HINT!  You may want to view Cryptogram Help in the document section!)


G T S ‘ L    O E I    R A O P F B A    J L ‘ B    T C A E    B K J U A 


R A O P F B A    J L    M P Y Y A S A G.


                                                   G E .    B A F B B




LOGIC PUZZLE:  (See the document with this title for an organizer.)

Senior Forensic Study Experiment

    As a class project, the class of 2013 is challenged with a hypothetical murder mystery:  One rainy evening in November, five seniors were murdered at the school during play practice (Tamara, Carleigh, Deidre, Pooh, and Summer).  The murders took place in the gym, the student parking lot, the teacher’s lounge, the library, and the cafeteria.  No two seniors were murdered in the same room or with the same weapon.  The weapons used were a yellow calculator, Bob the skeleton, Mrs. Duncan’s gradebook, intercom wire, and a backpack.  From the clues given, try to determine the room in which each senior was killed and the weapon used to do the senior in.

  1. The murder with the backpack was not done in the library or the cafeteria; neither Carleigh nor Deidre was killed with the backpack, nor was either killed in the library or the cafeteria.
  2. Carleigh was not murdered in the gym.
  3. The intercom wire was not the weapon used in the cafeteria.
  4. Neither Tamara nor Summer was murdered with the calculator, Bob the skeleton, or a backpack.
  5. The senior murdered in the student parking lot had just enjoyed a dinner with Summer, Carleigh, the senior attacked with a calculator, and the victim of the intercom wire.



WORD SEARCH:  GEOMETRY WORD FIND  (in the document section)

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