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Thursday's Challenge

November 28, 2013
By Patti Harrell of Vardaman High School




BE THANKFUL:  Think of five things in your life for which you are grateful.  Make time to thank everyone involved in any of those five things.  (Don't forget to thank the Lord!)






CRYPTOGRAM:  (NO HINT!  You may want to view Cryptogram Help in the document section!)


O I L U L    P U L    Q J N F    O D Q    D P F M   O Q    N T W L    F Q H U     N T A L.   



Q J L    T M    P M    O I Q H B I    J Q O I T J B    T M    P    Y T U P R N L.   


O I L    Q O I L U    TM     P M    O I Q H B I    L W L U F O  I T J B    T M    P    Y T U P R N L.


                                                                                 P N E L U O    L T J M O L T J


LOGIC PUZZLE:  (See the document with this title for an organizer.)

  Senior Favorites

     Five seniors – Cheyanne, Jocelyn, Danielle, Ryan, and Adam – each have a favorite sport.  One likes softball, one likes basketball, one likes football, one likes soccer, and one likes golf.  Each sport practices on a different night of the week.  From the clues given try to determine the type of sport that is each person’s favorite and the night it practices.

  1. Softball is not on Tuesday.
  2. None of the women’s favorite sport is golf or the one that practices on Friday.
  3. Cheyanne’s favorite sport practices earlier in the week than football but later than Danielle’s favorite sport, softball.
  4. Either Cheyanne or Ryan likes basketball and the other likes the sport that practices on Monday.



WORD SEARCH:  TRIGONOMETRY WORD SEARCH (in the document section)


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