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Wednesday's Challenge

November 28, 2013
By Patti Harrell of Vardaman High School


CRYPTOGRAM:  (NO HINT!  You may want to view Cryptogram Help in the document section!)


I K    S K R    D K    H Y N T N    R Y N    A M R Y    L M B    E N M I,    D K    W S C R N M I 


H Y N T N    R Y N T N    W C    S K     A M R Y    M S I    E N M P N    M    R T M W E.


                                                                  T M E A Y    H M E I K    N L N T C K S



LOGIC PUZZLE:  (See the document with this title for an organizer.)

Five Seniors Out to Dinner

     Five senior girls from VHS went out to dinner last night.  Kaytlynn, Jenna, Stacia, Whittney, and Carla were their names.  Each girl ordered a different main course.  Steak, ham, chicken, pork, and lamb were the only main courses on the menu.  Each senior also ordered mashed potatoes, salad, and a different vegetable.  The five vegetables on the menu were peas, carrots, corn, squash, and spinach.  What main course and vegetable did each woman have?

  1. The senior who had steak and corn sat on the left of Kaytlynn and on the right of Carla.
  2. The student who had chicken doesn’t play cards but the senior who had ham, the student who had squash, and Stacia played Rook yesterday with Carla.
  3. The senior who had squash did not have it with pork; Whittney did not order pork either.
  4. The student who had ham recently dated Kaytlynn’s cousin; the student who had squash helped Kaytlynn set up the date.
  5. Jenna’s and Carla’s vegetables begin with the same letter as do the vegetables of Kaytlynn and Stacia.



WORD SEARCH:  MISSISSIPPI COUNTIES (in the document section)

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