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Tuesday's Challenge

November 27, 2013
By Patti Harrell of Vardaman High School


CRYPTOGRAM:  (HINT: R should be replaced with G. For more help, see the document Cryptogram help.)


F D W T    N H K    S K F E    A T   J K B T C L G S S B    A H N I P H C B L;    A J G    D G


Y J L G    A T     F D M T B    W S C P H C B L.


                                                     L S C T K    I D T C I T R H H C B


LOGIC PUZZLE:  (See the document of the same title for an organizer.)


Five Seniors Misbehaving

     Five seniors are caught misbehaving in English IV: Francisca, Kaylee, Brianna, Marco, and Cody.  Each is seated in a different row and doing something different.  One is reading an AR book, one is writing a love letter, one is texting, one is sleeping, and one is working a puzzle.  Determine the row in which each senior is located and what he or she is doing.

  1. Someone is reading in Row 1.
  2. Neither of the guys is the person in Row 2 or the person sleeping but one of them is in Row 3.
  3. The senior working the puzzle occasionally asks for help from the senior in Row 1 and Brianna.
  4. The senior in Row 5 is not one of the ladies and is not writing, nor are the ladies writing the love letter.
  5. One of the Hispanic students is texting and one of the non-Hispanic students is working the puzzle.
  6. The student in Row 5 in not working the puzzle.


WORD SEARCH:  FIFTY STATES (in the document section)

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