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Challenge Time for the Creative Thinker

October 31, 2012
By Patti Harrell of Vardaman High School

Several people were struggling with the challenge posted yesterday.  So today I am posting a scaled down puzzle to hellp get those reasoning skills in the right mode.  After solving this one, try the other again.


Five Guys with Dogs

     Austin, Aaron, Dillan, Mack and Theo have dogs named (in no particular order) Astro, Phydeaux, Dixie, Daisy, and Rover.  These five dogs are (again in no particular order) a pit bull, a basset, a collie, a spaniel, and a Labrador.  From the clues given try to determine the name and the breed of each boy’s dog.

  1. No dog’s name begins with the same letter as that of his master.
  2. Rover is not Aaron’s or Dillan’s dog.
  3. Daisy’s master and the owner of the spaniel both have names beginning with the same letter.
  4. Neither Mack’s dog nor Austin’s dog is the basset, nor is Dixie.
  5. Aaron’s dog and the collie are not called Daisy or Dixie.
  6. Theo’s dog is not a Labrador.


Again, a copy of this with a grid is in the document section.

Good luck!  Have some fun!

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