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Grandview Park Baptist Football Game

October 12, 2010
By Jared Jensen of Twin Cedars Jr Sr High School

This was a game that was so important to us because of District Title hopes and playoff paring.  Both teams were in the same boat and new they had to win the game to have a shot at the District Title and a 1 or 2 seed in the playoffs.  Grandview came to play and to win the game.  We happened to just come to play the game.

We came out and played well on our first drive.  We drove down the field on a 13 play drive pounding the football until we hit the end zone with Jared Stephens rumbling, bumbling and stumbling in.  We added our 2pt conversion on a pass completion from Blake Stone to Dylon Roberts.  We felt good about our first drive.  We were playing our type of football.  Everyone was playing hard and we were winning the battle at the line of scrimmage.  After our scoring drive we held Grandview  from sustaining a drive on a fake punt which we stopped them short of the first down.  We were feeling really good about ourselves at that point in the game.  The next series we ran two plays and were stuck with a 3rd and 10. We dropped back to pass, got two guys blasting through our line giving Stone pressure and threw the ball back across the field into the hands to a Grandview defender.  They returned the interception to the 30 yard line and were sitting pretty.   This is the point in the game that the tides turned and the game was in Grandview’s favor.

As the second quarter starts, Grandview drives on the short field and scores on a 1 yard TD run to make it 8-6, missing the 2pt conversion.  We then came out and had a fumbled snap for loss, a miss communication on a toss play that was fumbled and picked up for a loss and another play that yielded no yards.  We set up to punt and the punt was blocked, picked up and returned to the one yard line.  Four plays later Grandview scores making it 12-8 as we blocked the extra point kick.  Errors and effort were killing us in the second quarter.  We got the ball back and put a drive together a 10 play drive landing us on the 10 yard line.  We started to play hard and do the little thing s right on this drive and it showed.  When we got down to the 10 we stalled.  We had a few penalties and could not overcome the adversity.  We gave Grandview the ball in our red zone after our 4th down play was stopped.  After Grandview moved the ball and got a first down they hit a wide receiver deep down the middle for a 49 yard touchdown pass.  The conversion was no good which left the score 18-8 at half time.  

We knew we did not play very well and were only down 10 points.  We needed to come out with a sense of urgency and a spark in the 3rd quarter.  We kicked of to Grandview and sprinted down the field only to find the returner hitting a crease that was left open by our guys not running and staying in their lanes.  He scampered for a 79 yard  touchdown return.  This deflated any air that was left in our sails.  After the return some of our guys almost seemed to hang their heads and give up.  They added the two point conversion to make the game 26-8.  Grandview added another score after a fumble recovery in their red zone to really break the game open at a 32-8 game.  

In the 4th quarter our some of our players effort continued to diminish.  After giving up another touchdown in the 4th quarter we pulled our starter and put our JV kids in.  They came out ready to play.  They were excited to be in the game regardless of the score and it showed.  They were playing hard and thats what we wanted.  On their first series we ran a few plays completing a bootleg pass for a first down. Then Daniel Williams took a toss play with his linemen pulling down field giving him some great blocks scampered for a 48 yard touchdown.  Hoping that Grandview would put their JV in as well, we had to sub our Varsity team back in on Defense because their high powered varsity offense stayed on the field.  After driving down the field one more time our defense held the Defenders to a field goal.  At that point both JV squads were in the game to finish it out  ending with a drive by the sabers that was stopped by the buzzer.  

We have to get our team to start playing with some passion.  There is to much complacency with our guys.  It seems like after the Melcher win we have not played a good game.  We may play a good half but not the whole game.  Luckily we played two teams previous that were not as talented as we were.  We played a team this week that was just as good as we were but played a lot harder and wanted to win the game much more.  They are not 27 points better than we are if our guys come to win.  We have to get ourselves motivated to win this week against a very talented Moravia team and then next week against a much improved Meskwaki football team.  If we don’t get on the right track we may not even get a birth in the playoffs.  All of our guys have to start playing with a sense of urgency and not just come out and go through the motions.  I think we all see that Moravia will not take the foot off the gas no matter what the score is.  We better come ready to play friday night.  What a good feeling it would be to beat the #5 ranked 8-man team and District 5 leader for our last home game of the year.

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