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Harmony Football Game

September 29, 2010
By Jared Jensen of Twin Cedars Jr Sr High School

Harmony Rockets 34
Twin Cedars Sabers 46
We started off the game with a bang driving down the field in three plays for a score.  We dominated the line of scrimmage in the first quarter racking up 137 yards rushing for 3 TD’s and hit the air adding 78 yards and 1 TD.  Defensively we did not help ourselves out giving up two 60 yd TD runs, one being the first play offensively for Harmony and the other on the third series.  We gave up two big plays in the first quarter which was a big factor in them being in the game and giving up 157 yards on the ground.  
Once we made some changes defensively after the first quarter we only gave up four rushing yards in the second quarter and 12 yards passing.  The defense started playing with fire after the first quarter and completely controlled the second quarter.  They played extremely well in which seemed to make Harmony shut down.  We added two more rushing TD’s in the second quarter.  
The third quarter started off well again driving down the field in four plays caped off by a 4 yard TD run.  Harmony came back with a score as well.  The very next series, two plays in we fumbled the ball on an exchange and gave it to Harmony on the 25 yard line.  Giving them an easy scoring opportunity on a short field.  We failed to convert a fourth down play turning the ball over as well.  We were able to move the ball racking up 74 yards in three series but had to many mistakes which kept us from putting any points on the board.  Our effort and mistakes were not acceptable in the 3rd quarter.  Defensively we played well in the third but giving Harmony the ball with a short field twice didn’t give our Defense the chance to make Harmony put together a long drive.  We allowed them 49 rushing yards on 9 carries and 2 receptions for 21 yards.  
The fourth quarter was much of the same.  We could not get anything going offensively.  They were loading up the box stopping our run.  We did not want to spread the field out and throw the ball like we did the first half to stop them from bringing the house.  We stayed in our Heavy formation and tried to pound it out and run the clock.  We did not convert on a drive from the five yard line after a false start penalty brought us back from the inch line.  Couple that with a 4th down conversion failed and a punt we only compiled 29 yards rushing in the 4th quarter.  Harmony spread the field and threw the ball around the yard piling up 52 yards and a TD to bring the score to a 46-34 game. 
This theme this of this game was not finishing.  We did not finish plays, drives, 2pt conversions and most importantly the game.  We put enough points on the board early but not continue the trend.  After half time we came out like they were just going to lay down and give up.  We did not match our intensity from the first half and it almost bit us in the rear.  A team finishing games is the difference in them being a great team or just an average team.  We did not finish this game in any aspect which is disappointing.  We had played so well the last two games and we did not progress this game we took a few steps back.  Our theme for this week is FINISH and finish everything.  

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