How to use the Live Streaming tool to add streaming video to your site

One of the most popular tools now offered by is the ability to do live broadcasts of games and activities on the internet directly from your website. Every day new schools are taking advantage of this opportunity to share their school’s talents with the world. The following pages provide a step by step process to live streaming from your site.

Step by Step Process

  1. Obtain User Name & Password from
  2. Download and install software
  3. Prepare camera and computer equipment
  4. Go online and broadcast

Step 1 – Obtaining a User Name & Password has partnered with EZStream to provide the ability to do Live Streaming Broadcasts. As such, we require a separate registration process. As an Administrator on the website, you may contact your representative to request a User Name and Password to utilize the iHigh.TV software and broadcast live. Once you acquire this password and this tutorial, you are well on your way to creating a Live Broadcast from your website.

Step 2 – Downloading the iHigh.TV software

After logging into your account, a screen will appear with “Your Website Tools”. Click on the “ LiveStream” link and you will download the software needed to do a live stream.

Step 3 – Installing the software

When the install screen appears (shown below), click Next and follow all of the prompts on each screen. Click Finish on last screen.

Step 4 – Prepare camera equipment

Attach the video camera to the laptop with a firewire cable. Also make sure you have a live connection to the internet at the location you plan to stream from. (Newer cameras may need other connectors)

Step 5 – Opening the iHigh.TV software

The install program automatically creates a shortcut on your desktop. Click on the desktop icon to open the program to start streaming.

Step 6 – Going Online

When the iHigh.TV Live Stream software opens, click on the “Go Online” button to prepare to broadcast.

Step 7 – Select Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast button

Step 8 – Select Live Broadcast

Login with your Username and Password provided you by iHigh and then click the “Login” button

After logging in you may get a window such as the one below. Click OK to proceed.

Step 9 – Using the Event Scheduler

After clicking OK, the Event Scheduler screen will popup (unless you already have other broadcasts scheduled for the day).

Step 10 – Creating a new Broadcast event

You will create the new event by giving it a title and a description. In the "Event Title" field, try to include the schools involved and the sport if possible (e.g., Springfield at Mayfield Boys Soccer). You can provide extra information about the game in the "Description" field (e.g., "Watch live as the Generals take on their crosstown rival Tigers in the season opener for both teams!").

Next you will select the Broadcast Type. For streaming video of a live game/performance, you will select Video Broadcast XXX, depending on your internet connection. (AirCard = 200, WiFi=300 range, Wired Connection = 500 range). Then you will select “Create Event”.

If you get an error message

At this stage, if the camera is not connected properly or some other error occurs, you may get an error message. If you click OK, the program will close and you will have to begin the process all over again. In some instances you may need to contact support to determine the cause of the error message.

Step 11 – Completing the project

After creating the new event, the Camera Setup screen pops up. At this point you will need to double check to make sure your camera is connected and turned on. Click OK when you are ready to proceed.

Step 12 – Selecting Audio/Video Devices

After selecting OK, the Device Selection screen comes up. Select your Audio and Video Devices. Combinations may differ depending on your setup, camera type, etc. After selecting, click on Save and Exit.

Step 13 – Starting the Broadcast

The next screen to appear will be the Broadcast Screen. It will indicate the Title, Your Name, the AV Device(s). With the Video Camera turned on in “Stand By” mode (unless you also plan to record), click on “Start Broadcast” to begin the streaming. Continue until you are ready to stop the broadcast. Press “Stop Broadcast” to end.

Step 14 – Archiving the Broadcast

After stopping the broadcast, a popup will come up reminding you that the event will not be archived until you hit Exit. Press OK.

Step 15 – Archiving the Broadcast

Once you click OK, you will see the screen below. Press “Exit” to archive the broadcast on If “Exit” is not pressed, the broadcast will remain “Live”, but nobody will be able to see it. It will need to be closed manually through the Broadcast Manager.

Step 16 – Select location for content

To check on the Archived Broadcast, click on “Live Broadcasts” and then find your broadcast in the “Completed” tab based on the title you gave it.

Step 17– Watch archived broadcast

You can now bring up your broadcast and anyone will be able to view it.

Step 18– Hiding an Archived Broadcast

You may decide that you would like to have the Archived broadcast hidden. To do so, return to your website and login as administrator. In Web tools select “Schedule a Video Broadcast”. The will log you into the Broadcast Manager.

Step 19– Login to Broadcast Manager

Login with the User Name and Password provided to you by and then click Submit.

Step 20 – Select Broadcast to Hide

Select the Broadcast you would like to hide by clicking EDIT to the left of the Broadcast link. In the EDIT screen you can select Hide or Show Broadcast.

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