Automatic Updates

How to utilize the iHigh Automatic Updates tool

Members of can now receive automatic email updates about new content on their favorite schools.

By opting in, you will get an email notification:

» When an article is published.

» When a photo gallery is added.

» When a video clip is uploaded.

» When a document is uploaded.

» When a poll is added.

» When a broadcast goes live.

» When the top ticker is added/updated.

» When an announcement is added/updated.

» When a scheduled event is added/updated.

How to utilize the iHigh Automatic Updates tool

First, you must login to your website with your iHigh login information. Then click on the "ACCOUNT" link underneath your website's header.

This will bring up your account's Basic Information settings.

Select "Yes" in the "Receive Automatic Updates?" drop-down field.

Then just click the "Save" button.

Automatic Update Notifications

The Automatic Update will now send a simple email to each member that has opted in for updates. So when a contributor, for example, posts a new article on your iHigh website, you will receive a message like this:

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