How to utilize AdScore on your site

AdScore is an advertising integration feature on iHigh that lets you sell and manage ads that will appear only on your site.

First, you will need to enable AdScore in your School Settings. Log in to your Administrator account, click on School Settings, then select "Enabled" in the "AdScore System Enabled" drop-down menu. Then click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: AdScore is currently in beta testing. You will need to contact your iHigh representative or the iHigh support team to request that AdScore be enabled for your site. AdScore will be universally available to all sites when beta testing concludes.

Now, you'll need to add some advertising packages that sponsors can order. Back on your home page, click the "AdScore" link in your Administrator Menu.

AdScore Summary Pane

The first screen is the AdScore Summary, which will show your site traffic, along with the number of ad impressions each campaign has received. Since we're just getting started, the initial information will be limited.

Settings Pane

Click on the Settings button.

Note that the default Revenue Model is for Independent Sales. This Model gives the school an 80% share of ad sales, with getting 20% of ad sales. If you need more help, you can go with the iHigh Staff Assitance option, which will split all revenues 50/50. Contact your iHigh representative to change terms.

In the Settings & Options pane, you can select which Ad Types you want to make available to sponsors, as well as offer any additional discounts for longer campaigns.

To change the price on any Ad Type, just enter the amount and click "Submit".

To disable any available Ad Type, just select "Disable" in the drop down menu and click "Submit".

You may want to offer sponsors an additional discount for longer campaigns. You can use the suggested discount, or choose your own. To add a discount, enter the percentage in the applicable box, then click "Submit" to save.

Packages Pane

Click on the Packages button.

In the Packages pane, you can set up packages of certain types of advertising.

For example, we'll create a "Website Package" consisting of the 468x60 pixel mid column banner, the 300x250 pixel right banner, and the 468x60 pixel bottom banner. First, give your new Package a name.

Then select the Ad Types you want to include in the Package, and give the Package a price. It's a good idea to give a discount compared to the price of the items if they were purchased individually - but that's left to your discretion. When you are finished, click "Submit" to save.

You will now have a Package called "Website Package" that sponsors can purchase.

If you no longer wish to offer the Package, just click the "Retire" button, and the Package will not be available.

Sponsor Ordering

After enabling AdScore, a link will appear at the bottom of your website's home page inviting potential advertisers to become a sponsoring partner with your school or organization.

Clicking on that link will open a page for the sponsor to sign up and partner with your school or organization.

The sign up page includes general contact information, as well as information on the ad campaign that the sponsor would like to purchase.

The sponsor can choose one of your specified packages...

...or they can build a custom package based on the different Ad Types you have enabled in your AdScore settings. For this example, our sponsor wants to buy the 300x250 pixel right banner.

The sponsor then can add a link for the banner, and locate the banner on his computer. After entering any additional instructions, he can click "Submit".

The sponsor will receive a Thank You message, and is informed that your website Administrator will contact him with information on how to proceed with payment.

Campaign Pane

Back in your main AdScore menu, you will now see a message that you have a campaign to review for approval.

Clicking on the message will open the "Campaigns" page, and you will see the new Pending Campaign. Click on the Campaign name to view the campaign.

You will then see the purchase information, including the Start and End date, the banner that the client uploaded, and the banner link.

You can now approve or reject the campaign. If you think it is appropriate, add any Comments you wish, and select "Approve".

The campaign has now been approved and will start on the specified date.

Sponsors Pane

Clicking the Sponsors button will open the Sponsors pane.

This will show you the Sponsor's info, including Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Contact Person, Website, and any Campaigns they have purchased.

Clicking the Sponsor's name will open a page with expanded Sponsor information.

Ad Banner Placement

After approving an ad banner, it is automatically placed at the bottom of the applicable column: 468x60 banners go in the Middle home page module, while 300x250 banners reside in the Right Column home page module.

These postions can be easily changed in your website's School Settings. After logging in as an Administrator, click the School Settings link in your site's Administrator Menu.

Under your School Site Settings, look for the Home Page Module Order and Right Column Module Order. You will notice that the AdScore modules default to the bottom of each list.

To change the positions of each AdScore banner module, just use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons to adjust. For this example, we'll move both to the top of the list.

When you have the ads in the positions you want, just click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Back on your home page, you will see that the ads are now at the top of each section.

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