How to Create Sponsors' Ads on your Website

Many schools and organizations would like to solicit sponsorships from local businesses. This provides additional funding to help with programs. This tutorial will provide step by step directions on how to set up advertisements on your site.

Step by Step Process

  1. Select the graphics you intend to use. These can be obtained directly from the sponsor or from their website
  2. Manage your Open Block
  3. Do a bulk upload of all of the ad graphics to the Image Bin
  4. Adding the images to Your Open Block
  5. Adding links to Your sponsors' images
  6. Checking the content on your page

Step 1 Gathering your graphics

Many schools have sponsorships. The first thing you will need is the graphics that will be used in the ads. These can be obtained from the sponsor or from their website. If you go to a website, you will need to right click on the graphic and save it as a .jpg file or .gif file. If the site has flash, then you may want to consult an representative to assist with the graphic.

Step 2 Manage Your Open Block

Under Your Website Tools, look for the "Information Distribution" heading. Below that, click on either the "Manage Mid Column Open Block" or "Manage Right Column Open Block" links - depending on which section you want to place the ads. For this tutorial, we will add two ads to the Right Column Open Block.

We can now give the Open Content Block a title.

Step 3 Uploading your graphics

Just below the "Edit Open Content Block" section, you will see the "Image Bin". You will need to upload the ads here before you can add them to the Open Content Block. The Image Bin actually has two seperate bins to choose from - Images and Ads. For this tutorial, we'll select "Ads".

Now we will upload the two ads to the Ads Image Bin. Click the "Browse" button and find the graphics you want to upload. Double-click on the first graphic.

Then just click on the "Upload" button. You can repeat the process until all of your ads are uploaded to the Image Bin.

You will now see your uploaded ads in the Image Bin.

Step 4 Adding the Images to Your Open Block

Now that we have the images in our Image Bin, adding them to the Open Content Block is as simple as dragging and dropping the images into the "Edit Open Block" pane. Just left-click on the first graphic, drag it up to the "Edit Open Block" pane, and release.

The image will automatically resize to fit the "Edit Open Block" pane. You can increase or decrease the image's size by clicking on any of the squares on the image corners and dragging it to the desired size.

You may also want to adjust the alignment of the graphic. Centering the graphic usally works best in the Right Column Open Block.

Step 5 Adding Links to Your Sponsors' Images

You can also link the graphic to your advertiser's website. With the image selected (you will see the corner squares - if they don't appear, simply click once on the image to select it), click on the link icon.

That will bring up the "Insert/edit link" window. Just enter the advertiser's website in the "Link URL" field.

In the "Target" field, you will usually want to select "Open link in a new window" - this will keep users from prematurely leaving your iHigh website. Then just click on "Insert".

You can repeat this process for each image you want to add. Then just click "Save" at the bottom of the "Edit Open Block" pane.

Step 6 Checking the content on your page

After selecting Save in the previous step you will now be able to see the content on your site as shown below. Your final step is to verify that all of the links function as you had planned for them to. Click on each of the graphics and make sure they open a new window and go to the site of that particular sponsor. If there are any problems, you can go back to Edit the Open Block, click on the particular graphic and then change the URL as done in Step 5.

The space is unlimited so you may add as much content as you would like to this section. Scroll bars will automatically be added if the page is too long for the screen.

Sponsor links now appear on your page.

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