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Pre-Game Meals

April 24, 2010
Troy Buchanan High School

Pre-Game Meals
Our team will hold pre-game meals on Thursday nights prior to Friday night games.  Our meals will be held on campus and will provide an opportunity for team building and relaxation.  We will provide awards and motivational meetings during our pre-game meal.  Our meals do not need to be very complex.  We just would like an opportunity to sit down and eat and spend some time together outside of practice.  

Guest Speakers
During our pre-game meal we like to have guest speakers who will serve as honorary coaches for that weeks game.  Our honorary coaches include alumni, former coaches, district teachers and community leaders who are dedicated to the Trojan football program.  If you would like to nominate someone who would do an outstanding job speaking to our team please submit their name and contact information to this email address.  par.pitts@gmail.com

Anyone who would like to provide help with meals pleas contact: par.pitts@gmail.com

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