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Your son/daughter may periodically come home after practice or a game complaining of aches or pains.  This is normal as the level of competition increases throughout his/her development in the athletic program.  The district does employ an Athletic Trainer who is trained to manage and treat injuries that occur during athletic practices and competitions.  If you have any questions about the health of your son/daughter, please contact the Athletic Trainer at 817-815-2586 and or my email at  or by contacting the school secretary at 817-815-2500. 

Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when your son/daughter may complain of an ache or pain:

1.       Never apply heat to a recent injury.  Always apply ice for 15-20 minutes to help reduce swelling and pain.

2.       Bumps and bruises are normal and should be treated with the RICE method.  This stands for Rest (get off of the injured limb), Ice (apply ice 3-4 times a day for 15-20 minutes), Compression (apply an elastic wrap snugly to reduce swelling), and Elevation (rest the limb even or above the level of the heart).

3.       It is required that students see the Athletic Trainer or Coach before going to a doctor.

4.       Anyone who does go to the doctor must have a Physician Referral Form completed by that doctor and returned to the Athletic Trainer. This form states their practice or game status, recommended treatments, or special instructions.

5.       The Athletic Trainer has contact with several local M.D.’s and orthopedic specialists.  The Athletic Trainer can help schedule appointments with them to speed the diagnosis of any injury.

6.       Infections, such as “Staph”, can be prevented.  Please keep all wounds clean and covered during activity.  Wash practice clothes daily and don’t allow your child to share towels, soap or personal items with others.





The purpose of this section is to explain the accident insurance policy which covers all athletes in the Fort Worth Independent School District.


All students practicing for and competing in any athletic activity under the regulation and jurisdiction of the district are covered under the insurance plan.  This coverage does not pay all expenses.  It is a secondary policy that can help pay for expenses not included in the student’s family insurance.  This policy will only become primary if a student has no family insurance.


Students are covered under the best UIL insurance coverage available to the district.  Be aware, however, that it does not cover all expenses.  It is recommended by the Athletic Department that every effort be made by the family of each student to provide a primary insurance of some kind in case of accident or injury.  This will reduce the chance of financial strain in case the district insurance plan must be applied in cases of injuries requiring surgery or long-term treatment.

In case of an injury, parents must contact the Athletic Trainer or Coach before taking their child to the doctor.  Failure to do so may forfeit their rights to insurance claims covered under the school plan.  Please note that even if the student is covered under a primary insurance and the parents do not plan on applying the district insurance policy, it is still necessary to contact the Athletic Trainer or Coach before seeing a doctor.  For further information, please contact the Athletic Trainer.

1.       If your child is injured, you must contact the Athletic Trainer or Coach.

2.       You must first file on your personal family insurance.

3.       You must complete a claim form for the school insurance plan and return it to the Athletic Trainer.

4.       The school insurance will pay according to its Schedule of Benefits. (Contact the Athletic Trainer for a copy)

5.       If you have no personal policy, the school’s plan will become primary.

6.       Medical treatment must begin within 90 days from the date of injury.

7.       This plan does not cover existing conditions such as but not limited to: vision problems, heart conditions, asthma, seizures and diabetic issues.

8.       The claim form must be submitted to the school insurance company within 90 days.

9.       It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to mail any bills to the school insurance for processing.

10.   The district has several local hospitals, M.D.’s and orthopedic specialists that work closely with us and are very accepting of the school insurance.  Contact the Athletic Trainer for more information.