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HSUS is not who you think

December 1, 2012 • by Trent Loos • Loos Tales

Nation's wealthiest animal rights organization does spend their money as most people who donate to them think they do. Look at the IRS 990 yourself and decide.   More »

Piper Merritt to receive Loos Tales Merit Award

November 12, 2012 • by Trent Loos • Loos Tales

“Piper Merritt, as a 13 year old, has as much poise and maturity as any guest on my Loos Tales radio program” says Trent Loos, host of Loos Tales. “Piper addressed antibiotic usage in animal agriculture, an issue that many others have made very complicated, and she was able to brea   More »

Champions of value

November 5, 2012 • by Trent Loos • Loos Tales

Now for the winners at the American Royal, the payday has never been better. Joe and Marty Bichelmeyer were in charge of the Sale of Champions for the top 63 animals. It truly was a record-setting sale as the total for those animals was $430,000, $6,825 per head average.   More »

What are they doing on Farm Lane? -

October 31, 2012 • Loos Tales

Is Michigan State University promoting vegetarianism or are they just anti-beef?   More »

The Power of Youth groups like 4-H

October 16, 2012 • by Trent Loos • Loos Tales

That brings out the most important negative change that we have seen in our society lately, which is the fact that people are reluctant to speak or even question anything and instead just take everything at face value. Our great nation was built by a group of pioneers who did not just follow the lea   More »

Obama administration deemed border security murders as an acceptable risk

October 8, 2012 • Loos Tales

Terry was also following orders stemming from a nonsensical memo from DHS’s Janet Napolitano asking agents to use less than lethal force - rubber bullets – against armed traffickers.   More »

Another Uncle Sam pork delivery

October 5, 2012 • by Trent Loos • Loos Tales

Here is something that all Americans can wear proudly on our sleeves--or maybe not. In the 1970s, one out of every 50 Americans was on food stamps. Today, one out of every seven receives the benefit. After the recession, the ratio is expected to hover around one out of every nine, according to the C   More »