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Spring Break!

February 28, 2013
By Ashley Cornelius of Thomas Nelson HS

Obviously, students are pretty excited about Spring Break which is going to be March 23 - April 7th. So I’ve talked to some students about what they were doing over Spring Break. Chyanne Miles says, “I’m going to a slumber party. I know you, Gowen, and maybe Kaitlyn are going. Cheyann’s trying to figure out who she talks to during the day to see who else is coming.” Kaitlyn West-Wilson answers, “I’m just going to stay home and sit on the computer like I always do.” A lot of students said around the same thing of Kaitlyn’s answer. So I looked up some destinations that are cheap and are the best places to go on Spring Break. Number 9 was Ocean City, number 8 is Biloxi, number 7 is Playa del Carmen, number 6 is Cancun, number 5 is Santo Domingo, number 4 is Jamaica, number 3 is Puerto Rico, number 2 is Daytona, and finally, number 1 in is South Padre Island. Those were the top 9 Spring Break destinations in 2012. This year, the hottest destinations are Punta Cana, Cancun, Panama City & Bahamas, Panama City Beach, South Padre, and Las Vegas. If you’re not doing anything over spring break, maybe you could take a fun trip to one of these destinations! “I’ve been to Panama City Beach! It was a lot of fun,” says Cheyenne Boone. I’ve heard her stories about when she was there, and they’re pretty funny. So get off the couch, and go out and have some fun! It’s Spring Break! :D

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