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Mr. Mudd's Visitor

February 21, 2013
By Zoe Wilson of Thomas Nelson HS

The Visitor - Pierre M.

     In Mr. Mudd’s class yesterday, we met Pierre, a refugee from the Congo. We we’re given the privilege to hear his story and how he managed to get here.

Brief History

He started with a brief history, speaking about how Congo was colonized by Belgium (King Leopold II) in the 1870’s. There are two parts of Congo, the second known as Congo Free State, which was placed under Belgium rule in 1908. In 1960, the Congo declared their independence, followed quickly by a civil war. After years of fighting, Mobuto Sese Seko seizes power in 1965. In 1997, a team called Rebels stop Mobuto, but take all the power for themselves. Pierre told us that everyone wanted to rule everybody, and being only twelve when Rebels came to Congo, it was a scary time.

His Journey

       Born in the small town of Goma, Pierre grew up in Congo with his father, a minister in a local church, and his mother, a teacher from a nearby school. He lived with his brothers as well. When the Rebels came to Congo, they started seizing houses, and his house happened to be one of them. They wanted Pierre’s father to help make the Rebel leader more popular, so the Congolese would stop trying to fight them. Pierre’s father, at that time though, was in Kenya, on a mission to help get orphans schools, and try to be of help. They were threatened to be killed by the Rebels when they told them this, and the Rebels kicked them out of the house. Pierre, his brothers, and his mom all went to live with the local church after they left their home. His mom was a part of the group to retrieve water for the church, and when she went out, she was captured by the Rebels. Soon after, Pierre and his two brothers ran away from the church and went through the forest to try and reach the small town of Beni, where he went to boating school. They went 10 days in the forest before they reached a church in Beni, where the minister had went to school with his father. Pierre and his brothers told the minister about their journey, and at first he didn’t believe them, but he was amazed once he had. Pierre and his brothers were sent to Kenya, and found their father. Pierre talked about what a great reuniting it was. Pierre, his father, and his brothers all were submitted into the Refugee Rescue Program, and were sent to Lexington, Kentucky for safety. After a few years, they received a call that his mother was alive, and he couldn’t believe it until he talked to her on the phone. She was doing well, and still living in the Congo. Soon, she was sent to Lexington to live with her family.

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