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February 21, 2013
By Shyla Stump of Thomas Nelson HS

Cats, Dogs, and Strays, Oh My!

By: Shyla Stump

Are you an animal lover? Do you want an animal, a cat or dog maybe? Then the humane society is the place for you! The human society offers adoption of stray animals and many other services. Along with adoption the humane society offers volunteer work, spay/neutering services, and helpful facts related to lost and found animals, licensing, and animal control ordinance. The humane society offers volunteer work on top of all of that!

Though the humane society does many different things, it is most known for the adoption of animals, particularly dogs and cats. Unfortunately, there are animals out there in the world without homes. The humane society offers the dogs and cats a temporarily home, with food and water, until someone adopts them. The humane society also spays/neuters these strays to prevent even more animals from living the same fate. They offer a wide variety of loving cats and dogs ranging from a couple months to over seven years old. A few examples of the animals that are adoptable are found here: More information about the adoption fees and process can also be found on the Nelson County Humane Society’s site:

The humane society’s website also has tons of useful information on lost and found animals, licensing, animal control ordinance, and other topics. The website features information on what to do when you’ve lost or found an animal, the terminology related to the nelson county humane society, and licensing. For even more information from the humane society you can download the newsletters on the site. Volunteering information is another thing you can find on the site.

Volunteering is always accepted and needed at the humane society. Volunteers are required to go to an orientation and fill out an application before they can start though. Any volunteers between the ages of 12-17 are required to go the orientation before volunteering, it is suggested that adults go. Orientations are held every first Saturday of each month and applications can be printed and filled out beforehand or filled out the day of the orientation. A link to the application is on the humane society’s site underneath the Volunteering tab:

The humane society is a very loving and caring place that provides homeless animals with warm bed to sleep on and food for them. If you are interested in helping these animals, you can volunteer. If you’d like to give these animals a permanent home, you can adopt. Or maybe you are simply interested in information on the humane society or the animals, they have information for you~!

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