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the value of writing

February 5, 2013
Thomas Nelson HS

The value of writing

Lately Freshmen have been having a lot of essays over many different subjects. Teachers are preparing students for the ACT and teaching us why writing is important. Writing is important because we will need it later on in life. It is good for communication and it is something we use every day. We need it to express our emotions and get our ideas and thoughts out there for everyone else to see. So far we freshmen have had to write up to at least three articles all at the same time. A few students have even had to write four essays at once depending on the classes they are in. The essays topics are Nature of Conflict, Epic Heroes, Life Cycles of Stars, and agriscience classes have entered essays for the DuPont Challenge on topics such as food and environment. By writing these articles our vocabulary and communication skills have improved and expanded. The importance of this skill is too broad to be explained easily, but basically if you do not know how to write you can’t efficiently speak or communicate with other which is essential in life. You will never achieve anything if you do not have the skills that writing brings about. So while writing a ton of essays may seem dull and boring it is something we need to do in order to be successful in life.


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