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Kentucky Civil War Museum and Museum Row

February 4, 2013
By Shelby Enlow of Thomas Nelson HS

The Kentucky Civil War Museum is part of Museum Row which is located in Bardstown across from The Skating rink and Boones Butcher Shop. The Civil war Museum is a place filled with history. In fact it is the 4th largest civil war museum in the United States. This Museum is unique in the fact that its exhibits focus on the civil war in the western states. While there you can follow the exhibits to experience the civil war through both the eyes of the Union and the Confederacy. Many of the displays are organized into rooms to help you experience the thoughts and feelings of the war. These rooms include the Infantry, Calvary, and the Navy Artillery room. They are placed as to where you can go to a room which interests you and you could spend hours gazing at the displays and immersing yourself in the battles that were fought with these artifacts.

There are also many other great museums on Museum row. The Women’s Civil War Museum depicts the roles that women played in the civil war. The war Memorial of Mid America honors all who have fought around the world to preserve our freedom. The wildlife museum displays many of North America’s wildlife and fossils and minerals from around the world. Lastly my favorite the Pioneer Village which consists of a reproduction of what a colonial village would have looked like and it uses original cabins from around Kentucky dating from 1776 to 1820.

The Kentucky Civil War Museum is a great place to visit. It is open from March 1st – December 23nd and is open from 10am to 5pm Monday – Sunday. During the Mont of December it is open only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The cost is $10 for adults and $5 for children 7-12, while children 6 and under are free. It is a great place to visit and I hope you enjoy it too.

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