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January 23, 2013
By Ivo Mudd of Thomas Nelson HS

Another update on what is going on for baseball 


We have planned for our baseball teams try outs to be on Febuary 16 and we are going to need as many people as we can get. Coach Coffman has told use the things that he is going to be looking for and grading use on our arm strength. Are we good at batting, such as can we hit the ball well , are we able to make good contact on the ball. Can we bunt and can we aim our bunts towards first base and towards third base. Also if you say you play outfield then coach is going to be grading us on if we can judge a ball, can we throw the ball accurately under pressure, how far can we throw the ball on a line. He is also going to be looking at attitude, are you giving 110% every time. how do you act in school, are you able to keep you grades up. Coach really wants to know these kinds of things because he does not want any trouble maker on the team that will never get to play because they are always in trouble and ineligible. Also this will be the same way with grades you cannot play if you are not capable of keeping your grades up. Few are going to go based on the rules of three strikes and you are out. This means if you get one of these things above three times then you will be off the team.

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