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TNHS Dance Contract.

January 17, 2013
By Sydnee Bowman of Thomas Nelson HS

           Dances provide us a special opportunity to join together to celebrate and strengthen our learning community. As Generals, we have high expectation and seek to "keep it classy" in terms of attire, attitude, and conduct. To this end, the attached policies and guidelines will be in place for all dances at Thomas Nelson High School. All students must read, understand, and sign this agreement. Thomas Nelsonn High School encourages families to discuss these rules together with their students and retain the first page of this document for future reference.


Dance Eligibility.

          Student may not have more then 10 unexcused absences or tardies, owe any fees or have any overdue library books.


Dance Policies and Guidelines

  • Thomas Nelson High School students may apply for one guest pass/ticket for dance. Refunds for tickets will not be given if the party does not attend to the dance. No ticket swapping, trading, or selling is allowed. Tickets must have the name of the purchasing student and assigned number on the back.
  • Generals "keep it classy" and therefore it is expected that all attire be in good taste. Provocative or offensive clothing is not permitted. Any questions pertaining to the attire should be addressed with school administration prior to the dance.
  • Any student suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be subject ot evaluation.
  • Administrators, if given any chance, reserve the right to conduct bag searches.
  • No re-entry into the dance will be permitted for any student. When students arrive at the dance, they must enter the dance and stay inside until the dance is over or until their parent comes to pick them up. If student leaves early, they will not be allowed to wait in the parking lot for their ride.
  • A guest permission form must be completed upon ticket purchase. Guests of TNHS students are required to abide by all school rules and the terms of the contract.
  • Guests may be no older than 20 years of age and must present their high school ID or their driver's license to be admitted to the dance. Guests must arrive at the dance with thier TNHS host student. Middle schools students are not permitted to attend any TNHS dance.
  • TNHS students and their parents/iare responsible for a guest's behavior. If there is a problem with a guest, that guest may never return.
  • Walking to the dance is not permitted.
  • Any vehicle, including limousines, can be searched with just cause at any time, by proper authorities. Passangers will be held responsible and subject to the consequences for any illegal substances found within the vehicle.


The following guidelines apply on and off the dance floor:

  • Moshing or "slam dancing" is not allowed.
  • Kissing is not permitted.
  • Horseplay, running, andwrestling are not permitted.
  • Sexually suggestive dacing incluiding: ddling legs, extreme bending over, and inappropriate touching/grouping will not be permitted.


*Any student that is required to leave due to the failure to comply with any of the above policies will not be permitted to atten the following school dance.


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