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Lady Generals start PE :)

January 16, 2013
Thomas Nelson HS

     This semester the girls have started Physical Education (PE) with Coach Youngman as the PE teacher. We interviewed some girls on their thoughts about it and overall they said it was fun. "It's a little stressful because of work outs that my body isn't used to, but it's a really fun class," Kaitlyn West-Wilson says. "We have to work hard to get our goals that we made on the first day of PE," said Brittany Crawford. We asked Brittany more about these goals and she says that on the first day of PE, the girls made three goals on what they wanted to achieve this semester. "Some girls put losing weight, getting abs, or getting stronger," she adds. Brittany claims that Coach Youngman will help them achieve their goals by the end of the semester. Speaking of Coach Youngman, when I asked him about how girls are doing in PE, he said, "The girls PE classes are going really well so far. They are working very hard each day." Then we asked him what they did each day and what he was planning for them. "We begin each day with a scholar starter activity that is tied into the day's learning targets. When this activity is completed we enter the gymnasium and begin the period with a warm up & stretch/ 4 minute tabata routine. The girl's will be learning team sports such as volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis, as well as fitness and weight training during the semester. The girls will also learn how to plan out and write up a personal fitness plan designed to help them achieve all of their personal fitness goals. I don't want it to be a class that the girls are dreading to go to. I want to make it fun," comments Coach Youngman. We have PE with Coach Youngman, and honestly, we think he's trying to make it a fun class. "The work outs will kill you, but I think in the end, it's all gonna pay off," says LeeAnn Perkins. "I can't wait until we start tennis!" adds Anna Bullock. "I'm looking forward to softball because I'm on the team," Destiny Maulden adds. It sounds like the girls are really enjoying PE class and can't wait for what's in store for them. GO LADY GENERALS!


By: Ashley Cornelius & Chyanne Miles

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