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First Jazz Band of Thomas Nelson High School

December 10, 2012
Thomas Nelson HS

At Thomas Nelson High School we have a concert band, marching band, pep band, orchestra and now as our very new addition to our band’s we have added a jazz band witch had started officially on Monday November 19, 2012. It was expected to start out as one of our smallest groups but on a good note more people than we expected showed up for the first rehearsal they had a really exceptional rehearsal for their first time both them and the band director Mr. Robinson were happy with the outcome of the size of the jazz band and the sound of the jazz band.

                The instruments and students playing those instruments we ended up with in jazz band are; Alto Saxophone: Nick Rucker, Mackenzie Lettner, Kendoll Link, and Eli Hall. Flute: Spencer Goff, and Miranda Hiday. Clarinet: Hannah Rucker, and Ciara Sanderfur. Trumpet: Trenton Billings, and Marcus Hines. Drumset: Clayton Carter. Bassoon: Brittany Schweinhart, and Cody Skaggs. Piano: Spencer Goff.  Tenor Saxophone: Miranda Hiday.  These are our official instruments and students playing in our very first jazz band.

                Being only just the beginning of our little jazz band here at Thomas Nelson High School they all feel that we have started out better than usual jazz bands would they are starting out with thirteen players all together. As well they have set up two performances for themselves already they have enough confidence in playing their music to bring it out in public this soon their very first two performances are December 2, 2012 at the New Haven Christmas parade then again on December 6, 2012 at the Bardstown Christmas parade. The music they will be playing for the crowd entertainment will be Good King Wenceslas, Jolly Old St. Nicholas, and Jingle Bells. But they also have other songs they are preparing for other concerts as well such as Instant Swing Concert (which will include several song during this song such as the following) Woodchopper’s Ball, Jumpin’ Jack, Zoot Suit Riot, Puttin’ On The Ritz, It Don’t Mean a Thing (if it ain’t got that swing), Stompin’ At The Savoy, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Leap frog, Go Daddy-O, In The Mood, and Jump, Jive an’ wail along with the well-known song eye of the tiger are all of the pieces they are preparing for their performances.

                All in all the Jazz band and it’s director Mr. Robinson feel that this will be a very successful band especially if we get let more students in the school know of it and get them interested enough in it to join and be apart of this outstanding, fun loving group. They will be sure to keep the MultiMedia team updated on any dates of their performances and maybe some practice that the may be able to record.

                Now about jazz band here are some interesting facts. Jazz bands come in many different sizes and instrumentations. What is the difference between them? In jazz, it all depends on the music. Modern jazz bands come in many different sizes and styles. Each variation is dependent on several factors, the most important being the type of music being played and the venue in which the performance takes place. Smaller jazz bands called combos are more common in night clubs, jazz clubs, and other similarly confined spaces. Larger full size jazz bands are more common in larger venues and in traditional dance hall style gatherings. Again, the question of what defines a jazz band depends largely on where and what the group is playing. Now the smaller jazz band combo groups are often made up of 3 to 4 musicians. An acoustic bass player is almost always present in such a group, but the remaining members can be in almost any combination. A bass, sax, and piano trio might work well with some small jazz bands. In others, the bass, a trumpet, and a drum set player may be used. The beauty of such small jazz band ensembles is that the musicians tend to do almost all of their music from memory, improvising their rhythms and melodies on the spot. When the musicians of a jazz combo work well together and are sufficiently talented they can perform an entire evening's show and have it never be exactly the same on any 2 nights. Other musicians may often "sit in" on the performance, adding their improvised melodies to the music, creating even more variations to the size and makeup of the jazz band combo.

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