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Join the School Archery Team!!!

December 5, 2012
Thomas Nelson HS

                                                                          By: Kelsey Ray

     Starting in 2012, Archery has now become a high school sport. Students can now earn scholarships by competing in Archery Tournaments. Archery isn’t a hard sport; you just need to have aim and strength. If you don’t, with a little practice we can help you become a great shooter.

      Thomas Nelson’s first ever Archery team started about two months ago. Practice is very Tuesday and Thursday starting at 3:20 and ending at around 4:30 to 5 o’clock after school. Our coach, Mr.Crady, is pledging for more shooters. PLEASE, help us!!! To have a team, we must have 16 shooter; 4 of the opposite sex. We have just around 8 to 10 students in archery now. Only 3 of those are boys. “We NEED more boys to compete in archery tournaments” Mr.Crady said last Tuesday at practice. However, we can take more girls, too.

     At Bloomfield Middle School two years ago, Mr.Crady started our Archery team at the after school program, the Blazer Learning Center. No one at Bloomfield had ever shot a bow before unless the hunted with one. Mr.Crady had to start from nothing but within months of practice we had an amazing team. We only had practice after school on Thursdays but in a couple of months, even after starting with nothing, we had some of the best shooters in the county. Last year we actually had a couple people from our team make it to the State Tournament, even though we didn’t make it as a team.

     This year, Mr.Crady didn’t have to start for scratch because we have students from Bloomfield, Boston and New Haven middle schools that have competed in archery before. If you are interested in shooting with our team though you don’t have to know how to shot. Mr.Crady will help you become a very excellent shooter. We need more people but we really need more boys so that we can go to competitions and compete. We need at least 3 more boys and the rest of the team can either. We can have more than 16 students for a team but we need at least 16. Shooting a bow is not hard; we can help you on your aim and your strength. That’s all you need for Archery. There’s a lot of rules but they’re really easy to remember. Every day at practice, we work on becoming a better shooter but we also work on the rules so that in completion we don’t get kicked out.

     PLEASE join archery and help us. Archery is a lot of fun and is one of the easiest sports to do in the world. Practice is every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 to 5 o’clock afterschool. We NEED more boys but girls are welcome, too. Mr.Crady is an amazing coach and can help you become an amazing shooter if you have never shoot a bow before. In a matter of weeks you can become one of our best shooters.

The bows we shoot look like this:

Our coach, Mr.Crady talking to and coaching the team:

Our team particing for our first meet in January:

"If we aim small, we miss small." Mr.Crady


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